Gun ownership may be a hobby or a means of protecting the people you care about. Nevertheless, first-time owners and even long-time gun owners should always remember to practice safe gun ownership. Here are 5 tips for safe gun ownership.

The number of gun owners continues to grow yearly. That goes to say if you’re one of them, you should know the things you have to do for safe gun ownership. That applies even when your gun is not in your hands.

Here are some tips you should follow if you don’t want to get into trouble for owning a gun.  


One tip to always follow is to do your regular gun maintenance. It helps to keep your guns in good working condition and prevents them from any malfunctions or misfires too.

Always have a gun cleaning tool kit at home and one for portable use, if you have the spare money. Gun bluing kits are also useful specialized kits that increase the efficiency and durability of your guns.

Make it a habit to regularly check on your guns and see if there’s a need for repair. If you find it a hassle to tinker with your own guns, you can just have a local gunsmith do the regular maintenance for you. Although, it will cost you money.


It is your responsibility as a gun owner to keep your guns safe and ensure that they are stored away where children or unauthorized persons can’t have access to it. Simply hiding it inside a drawer or closet is just asking for trouble.

Here is some advice to follow for safely storing your guns:

  • You should store your unloaded firearms in either a locked cabinet, gun safe, gun vault, or a storage case. It’s better to bolt it in place to prevent would-be thieves from stealing it.
  • Aside from safe and secure storage options, you should consider adding gun locking devices. They prevent accidental discharge and prevent unauthorized use of your firearms.
  • Your ammunition should be stored separately from your guns. Make sure it’s also inaccessible to kids because they might accidentally ingest it.
  • Check if your guns are unloaded before you store them.

Gun safes are highly recommended since they are specifically made for storing guns. It also helps in preserving your firearms quality. Gun safes can be a bit expensive. However, there are some great gun safes under $2000 you can get for lifetime use.

When Handling a Gun

Before you consider getting a rifle or handgun, there are things you should safely follow when you are handling a gun. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Always assume that the gun is loaded. Hence, you should always point it in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger straight and away from the trigger if you aren’t prepared to take a shot.
  • Make sure the gun is unloaded when you are not using it.
  • Don’t point the gun at something you’re not intent on shooting at.
  • Make sure you have a clear vision of your target and what is surrounding it.
  • Make sure you know the gun and how it operates.
  • Use the appropriate ammunition for your gun.
  • Check the barrel for obstructions before you load and shoot the gun.
  • Don’t solely rely on the gun’s safety features.

When at the Range

If you want to take out your guns at the gun range for some test firing, there are certain etiquettes that you have to follow. Shooting ranges have their own rules and regulation and it’s important that you follow them to avoid accidents.

  • Read and follow the entire rules of the shooting range you’re planning to go to.
  • Listen and obey the instructions of the Range Master. They’re usually much more experienced than you and know a lot more about guns.
  • Uncase and case your gun at the shooting bench.
  • Always keep the barrel pointed down.
  • Keep your gun’s safety on until you intend to shoot.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. If you don’t have one, shooting ranges usually will rent one for you.

When Out Hunting

If you want to go out hunting, you should probably take the Hunter Safety Course since it involves the wild and in a public space. You will learn a lot about safety practices during hunting. Here are some of them:

  • Hunting groups should pick one person to designate as the Safety Officer for the hunt.
  • Maintain and share everyone’s zone of fire with each other. You should know where everyone is at all times.
  • Keep your gun safety on until you’re ready to shoot.
  • Don’t attempt to climb on anything when you have a loaded gun in your hands.
  • Don’t use the gun scope as binoculars.
  • In the case, you fall or trip, control your muzzle. Check the gun for any damages and if there are obstructions in the barrel.
  • Don’t shoot if you feel hesitant or doubtful.


These are some of the things you should consider making a habit of. If you practice them regularly, it will reduce any chance of accidents that involves your firearms. Your gun is your responsibility, hence you should always be and keep other people safe.

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