Semi-trucks carry goods all over the country. If you drive one, that is usually steady work. You might work at this job for years and save money to buy a house since trucking jobs typically pay pretty well.

If youโ€™re going to be driving a semi-truck, you need to make sure you get the best possible engine for it. Getting an inferior engine could mean breaking down on the side of the road in some remote location.

You can contact a great big truck parts store if you need a new engine for your semi-truck. Before you do, though, consider the following tips for selecting an engine for your vehicle.

Go With a Recognizable Brand

One thing you will probably want to look at when youโ€™re selecting a semi-truck engine is the brand name. There are a few brand names that are well-known within the industry, while others are not as reliable.

For instance, you should do well with an engine from Volvo, Navistar, Cummins, Freightliner, Detroit, Mack, or International. These are universally recognized as being some of the best semi-truck engine brands that you can find.

Look at Some Online Reviews

Itโ€™s also helpful if you look at some online semi-truck engine reviews, especially if you are new to the trucking industry and you donโ€™t know many of the brand names yet. Go on trucking forums and ask about what some of the best brand names are.

The truckers on there should be happy to help you. They are usually welcoming of new additions to this industry and will want to give you their opinions from their long years on the road.

Talk to Your Fellow Truckers

You might also want to talk to your fellow truckers in person. If you get hired by a trucking company, ask the boss or other truckers who work there what brand of semi-truck engine they prefer.

Doubtless, they will want to inform you about what they have discovered while driving. There might be some brands they like, but they will probably also have some brand names for you to avoid.

Look at the Warranties of Some of the Top Brands

Brand names certainly matter with semi-truck engines, just the same as in any other industry. However, you should also take a close look at the warranties that some of the manufacturers offer.

Some truck part manufacturers will be more expensive, but they may give you a longer and more generous warranty. That might be the determining factor that leads you to go with one option over another.

Think About What Kind of Driving You Do

You may also want to make your decision based at least partially on what kind of route you take when youโ€™re driving your truck. You might want a semi-truck engine model and brand that does better with more challenging driving if youโ€™re tackling a route through the Rocky Mountains. The switchbacks you find there put much more wear on a truck than a route along flat ground.

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