Hair transplants are a big thing today. With the backing of several studies and researches, transplant clinics have seen massive popularity in recent years. As the UK is one of the top destinations for hair transplants worldwide, there is little to no chance of transplant failures. Whether you receive a hair transplant in Manchester, London or any other city, the quality will remain the same, if not the services.

However, there are certain instructions which can guide the patients to make the right decisions. So, which transplant procedure is currently common in the UK? Does checking the qualification of a surgeon really matter? And are there any price variations between clinics?

Scroll down to know these and other important factors about hair transplants in the UK.

1. The Possible Hair Transplant Options

In the UK, the FUT and FUE methods are commonly offered by clinics. Both of them involve extraction, storage and implantation of hair grafts. The basic difference between both procedures is the way hair grafts are extracted from the donor area.

In FUT, a strip of skin from the scalp is removed and then the extraction of hair follicles is carried out. On the contrary, hair follicles are directly removed from the scalp during the FUE method. Thus, FUE is less invasive, has quicker healing time and allows conduction of Body Hair Transplants as well.

ARTAS is another advancement in FUE, but as its equipment are quite expensive, most of the UK clinics have not installed the system.

2. Quality of Services

Though CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulates the hygiene and quality standards in the UK, doing your own research will help in curbing the risk factors to a minimum. Look for a clinic performing not more than 2 hair transplants a day. This ensures that most of your surgery will be performed by the surgeon rather than technicians.

Search for the reviews, photos of previous patients and visit social media platforms to completely assess the services.

3. Qualification of Surgeon

Ever since hair transplants became the talk of the town, several surgeons and clinics started to offer the services without gaining the required skills and experience. Even if such negligence is rare to happen in the UK, the qualification level can vary. Search for a surgeon who is a member of BAHRS, IAHRS or other renowned organizations to fetch the best and natural results.

4. Cost of Hair Transplant

The cost of hair transplant in the UK is the major reason behind driving numerous citizens toward medical tourism. On average, the total cost you may incur for having a hair transplant in the UK is $8,050 (~ยฃ5,689) which is quite higher than countries like Mexico or Turkey that charges $3,202 or $2,676 respectively.

The cost can further increase if you are seeking a transplant from London, especially Harley Street. As many celebrities have received the transplant from there, the popularity is seized on by running high-quality clinics, hiring surgeons with lots of certifications and of course charging a tidy sum of money.

In contrast, the price of hair transplant is lower in Manchester, but the clinics do not have the same reputation as London. However, since the clinics are strictly monitored all around the UK, experiencing low-quality is not a possibility there as well.

5. Aftercare

There is certain post-operative care required after surgery. Whereas neglection can lead to spoiling the final results. Therefore, a professional clinic will stick by your side until you grow back the lost hair. This includes prescribing antibiotics and other medications to minimize swelling or infection during the initial days.

Specialist shampoos and other hair care products are provided by some clinics so that harsh chemicals do not harm the implanted hair follicles. Post-operative consultations are also offered to actively monitor the progress of transplanted hair and decide whether another surgery is required or not.


Only a well-equipped facility and a seasoned surgeon can offer you the most suitable type of surgery according to your hair loss. Follow these 5 tips to secure that your surgery is free of potholes and thereโ€™s no way you are going to miss the ideal results.

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