When undertaking a renovation project in our house, there are some tough choices that we must make. There are always several things that come into this decision-making process. We must be mindful of budget, as well as what is most urgently needing attention. Here is our guide to five of the most common things that often require upgrading when renovating a house.

Doors & Windows

There can be no question doors and windows being wind-proof and water-tight is a necessity for any dwelling. External doors and windows should be renewed every 15-20 years and certainly no more than 25 years at most. Once you get your new windows, take care to decorate them to make the best use of the new light available. You’ll find that with properly fitted windows and doors, the property will feel warmer and even quieter, as wind noise will be less.


Much in the same train of thought as the doors and windows, you should make sure the roof of your property is intact. The good news is that roof tiles have a much longer shelf-life than doors and windows; you should expect a minimum of 50 years of use from your roof, excluding damage from storms and high winds. Even when it is not an essential time to replace your entire roof, improvements can be beneficial. Installing solar panels to produce electricity for the home has become a popular upgrade in recent years. Being environmentally friendly and saving money is a win in every column, and you can even get tax breaks.

The Electrics

In an older house, it is a good idea to assess if your property needs work on the electrics. If the wiring is over 25 years old there is a good chance it may need to be upgraded. If you are at all unsure, get a qualified electrician to assess the property and make recommendations. Some things are out of date and dangerous, where others are out of date but can still be safe. Take pushmatic breakers as an example; a new build would never use them, but the parts can be obtained and used safely in older systems.


Good insulation can save us a reasonable amount on our energy bills, and poor insulation can cost us a huge amount. Upgrading your loft or cavity insulation has been shown to pay for itself in as little as two years. A warmer home and savings into the thousands makes this a simple choice.


We’ve left the fun part till last, upgrading the dรฉcor. Choosing a new look for a room or the entire home is always a fun exercise. It can be as simple as a few new curtains or couch cushions or can be a full redecoration of the whole house. The best strategy in creating a look is to choose a theme and try to stick to it, allowing a flow and feel that follows you throughout the home.

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