Pre-exposure Prophylaxis commonly known as PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy whereby HIV negative individuals purchase and consume anti-HIV medication before they come into contact with the HIV virus. This procedure has been known to reduce the chances of infection.

One of the medications that have been approved for prEP worldwide is Truvada, also known as TDF. Manufactured by Gilead Sciences, this drug has shown a significant reduction of HIV infection through sex for transgender, bisexual men, heterosexual women and men and individuals who inject drugs.

While Truvada seems like the miracle drug we have all been waiting for, research has shown that this drug is the cause of several health complications such as renal failure, osteoporosis, bone fractures, and liver problems. If you have been affected, do not suffer in silence. Talk to the Onder Law Firm today and get a free legal consultation.

Here are 5 things to know about filing a lawsuit against Truvada.

1. Who Can File A Truvada Lawsuit?

One important thing you should know about Truvada lawsuits is that any person or family member of the affected individual can move to court and file a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences, Inc, the Truvada manufacturer. If you or your loved one was diagnosed with kidney failure, bone loss, renal failure and discomfort in extremities, you can seek legal help and get the justice you deserve.

2. You, Will, Need Evidence To Show That You Took Truvada

In order to qualify for a Truvada lawsuit, you will need to prove that you took Truvada and as a result, you suffered serious side effects such as kidney failure, renal impairment, and bone loss. Look for your pharmacy records and receipts that show that you actually purchased the drugs. You will also need to visit a hospital a get a proper diagnosis which your attorney will use to prepare for the litigation.

3. You Need a Truvada Lawsuit Attorney

Due to the serious nature of Truvada lawsuits, it is very important to hire an attorney who has a long track record of success in cases involving pharmaceutical conglomerates. Some individuals in an attempt to save money have handled the entire process on their own and as a result, they have lost their chance of receiving compensation. The Onder law firm attorneys are very cognizant of this fact and with the experience they have, they will provide you with excellent representation without a fee until you receive your compensation.

4. Truvada Lawsuits Have Time Limits

If you or your loved one has been hurt as a result of taking Truvada, you should know that you have a limited time to file for damages. The time limit also known as the statute of limitations varies depending on your state. However, for most states, this statute is set at two years, therefore, ensure that you file your lawsuit early so that you do not miss out on your compensation.

In cases involving dangerous drugs such as Truvada, the discovery rule may apply. This rule is an exception to the standard set deadline as it gives patients the right to file a lawsuit even after the statute of limitations has expired.

5. What Type Of Compensation Will You Get From A Truvada Lawsuit?

Depending on the evidence and liability presented in court by your attorney you may be eligible for maximum compensation. Maximum compensation can cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and funeral expenses.

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