Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find smart technology in each room in the house. However, one area that you rarely see it in is the bathroom. In most homes, you may only find standard furniture, a mirror, and a shower that existed many years ago.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your bathroom with smart technology, here are 5 of the latest tech-focused ways to upgrade your shower.

New technological advancements are taking over the showering space. If you are planning to upgrade your shower, try out these smart technologies to transform your simple bathroom into an elegant bathing area.

Smart Showers

One of the biggest advantages of smart showers is that they help you get the right water temperature to ensure you only shower with water that’s adapted to your needs.

Smart showers offer you several features to customize your showering experience: water pressure controls, music, light, and other high-tech features that you can adjust using your smartphone. Just remember, before you upgrade your shower, we recommend you add a shower panel to turn your bathroom into a luxurious space.

Waterproof TVs

The shower is one of the most relaxing areas in your home, why wouldn’t anyone want to make it more enjoyable? One trend that’s becoming common is waterproof TVs. This means you can binge-watch your favorite series while taking a bath without worrying about damaging your TV.

Voice Activated Showers

How does managing your shower with your voice sound? Great, right? With a voice-activated shower, you can further customize your showering experience. How? You can tell Alexa to stop the flow of water so that you don’t waste any water.

The best thing is that these showers work with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa to allow you to issue commands, no matter the device you use. These showers also allow you to control your body sprays, and the duration of your shower using voice commands.

Integrated Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Do you struggle to listen to your favorite songs while bathing and keep pausing your shower to increase the volume? Well, you can integrate Bluetooth speakers into the walls of your shower to allow you to listen to your tunes over the running water.

The only problem? You might stay longer in the bathroom than the 8 minutes that most people spend showering due to having a lot of fun. Remember to consider your playlist taste when choosing your shower.

Portable Waterproof Wireless Speakers

If you’re not looking to permanently add speakers into your shower walls, getting portable waterproof speakers is another great option. Imagine syncing your smartphone so that you can listen to what you like while bathing. This can be a great way to energize you for a busy schedule.

Of course, water can damage your phone. Fear not! A waterproof speaker lets you stream your songs and podcasts using Bluetooth. What’s more, you can answer a call from the speaker if someone calls you.

Just ensure your loved ones aren’t disturbed by your shower singing. Also, once you are clean, you can remove the speakers and carry them with you to the office or gym.

Chromotherapy Showers

These showers use LED lights to promote your emotional and mental well-being and also enhance your mood in the bathroom. You can embed the lights in the shower and change them depending on your showering needs.

Chromotherapy showers have seven different colors to suit your mood. For instance, use purple or turquoise if you want to relax, while orange and yellow are perfect for stimulating your creativity. You can pair these showers with wireless speakers for a luxurious bathing experience.


Whether you want to install voice-activated showers, Bluetooth shower speakers, or watch TV while showering, any of the above smart technology upgrades will enhance your bathing experience and turn your simple washroom into a relaxing and luxurious showering space.

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