Sexual fantasies are a very amazing topic that every human love to talk about. While having a survey, we talked with more than 2,000 people and succeeded in knowing what fetish things people have in their minds. The scientific knowledge behind these fantasies is quite surprising for sure. This research is very helpful in knowing the tendency of men and women to think about naughty things.

Although our team got to know tons of things after completing the survey, one is common in most people. The majority of individuals think about having sex with a person other than their partner. Letโ€™s go through the complete post to know about five surprising facts about sexual fantasies in detail!

1.) Men Fantasized More Than Women

The most surprising fact that this study revealed is that men think much more about fetish things than women. Furthermore, ladies couldnโ€™t be able to provide much detailing of their fantasies. On the other hand, guys seem to be very clear about fantasies and even made efforts to do so.

The study shows most girls donโ€™t think about anything nasty. On the other hand, boys have multiple fantasies that they always try to turn into reality. However, girls donโ€™t make much effort to transform what they think in their dreams.

2.) Most Popular Fantasy

Although the most common fantasy of people is having a threesome, the meaning of this desire seems different for everyone. Many girls want to be the center of attraction during this activity, where they take multiple tools at the same time. On the other hand, there are people who wish everyone should participate equally in this act.

We have found tons of guys who wish to do a threesome involving two girls. They were very high on watching lesbian action between them. Also, it is one of the most customized desires that almost every individual has.

3.) Whatโ€™s Common in Men and Women?

There is no denying the differences between men and women while talking about sexual fantasies. However, there are few things that both genders think about equally in their erotic dreams. The most significant thing in both dreams is having rough or dominant sex on the bed. This act demands extra passion when compared with normal sex.

The most common form of rough sex is BDSM which asks for things like submission, domination, bondage, and masochism. It is very helpful for unimaginably transforming a variety of kinks. Imagine tying your partner and fucked them badly! We are pretty assured this kind of scenario is too excellent to watch.

4.) Same-Sex Fantasies

There is a common myth that only bi-sexual people can dream about same-sex fantasies. However, it isnโ€™t real as the survey proved many straight girls also wish to enjoy lesbian fun. They believe the curiosity offered by this act is truly exciting and harder to match for a normal act.

On the other hand, the survey has lots of heterosexual men who fantasized about having sex with another man. They say the excitement level is quite magnificent while thinking about same-sex fun.

5.) Women Fantasized without Making it a Reality

Almost every woman on this planet have some kind of fantasy. Whether we talk about independent Aerocity escorts or a lady working in the corporate world, they think about something for sure. During our survey, many women say that they love to enjoy submissive fantasies.

However, nearly 40% of them didnโ€™t want their wild fantasy to become a reality. They believe there is a little bit of distinction between sexual fantasy and sexual wishes that need to be understood. It proves few things are just for imagination in the case of a few women.


The survey conducted by our team covers women of almost all ages. There were tons of questioning performed regarding sexual histories, personalities, and other related subjects. Few answers surprised us, while some of them were pretty relatable.

In short, the surprising facts about sexual fantasies let the community know lots of things. It shows how men and women think about their desires on the bed.

What are your thoughts regarding sexual fantasies? Write them in the comment section.

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