Every relationship has its ups and downs, but some problems can put a marriage under threat and should not be ignored. Here are some red flags that suggest your marriage may be in trouble.

You Constantly Criticize Each Other

You may find that both of you or one of you start to criticize meaningless things about the other person. It has become like that person can’t do anything right, and everything about them is annoying. If you find that your partner is picking fault with you on a daily basis, it is time to sit down and ask them why they are doing it.

You Spend More Time Apart

An obvious red flag that could signify that your marriage is threatened is when you spent more time apart than you once did – you spend more time apart than together. If your spouse is the one spending more time away from you, perhaps it is time to ring the alarm bells. If they are home late from work every night, have found a new hobby that takes them out of your company, or have frequent trips away on business, this could either mean that they no longer enjoy your company or that they are having an affair. If you suspect the latter, you might want to seek advice from a lawyer such as Skyview Law before you make any rash decisions.

No Physical Contact

When a partner switches off in your marriage, you may notice that your physical contact decreases. This doesn’t just mean sex but any kind of physical contact such as hugging, holding hands, touching each other when chatting, and kissing.

Intimacy is a crucial ingredient in a successful marriage. If you and your partner feel like roommates, then the relationship has lost an essential building block, and something is very wrong.

The Grass Could be Greener

If you start thinking that the grass is greener outside of your marriage, it could mean that you are unhappy and seeking what you need elsewhere. It is entirely normal to find people other than your partner attractive. Still, you could be headed for trouble if you become obsessed and fantasize about a specific person all of the time. If the fantasy becomes very intense and all-consuming, it may cause you to act upon it and embark upon an affair.

Repetitive Fights

It’s healthy to argue with someone who lives under the same roof as you, but when you say the same things repeatedly, then it’s time to take heed. Repetitive arguments mean that there is no respect for a person’s point of view, and it ends in a feeling of contempt.

If these arguments become more intense over time, they may escalate and turn abusive – verbally and physically. This is when it is crucial that you both take some kind of action as one or both of you could become seriously injured or incarcerated for physical assault. Arguments should be resolved before they turn into something extremely nasty.

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