Are you fed up with spending your money, time and effort on your garden only for birds to swoop in at the last minute and reap all the benefits? Whether they’re eating their way through your fruits and flowers or destroying your trees to gather nesting materials, birds are pests that require control.

There are many bird control options currently available on the market; however, bird netting is the most effective at protecting your garden. Discover the five reasons why you need bird netting this summer below.

1 – Easy to Install

Netting is the easiest to install and requires the lowest maintenance compared to the other most popular bird control methods.

First, you need to measure the area you intend to protect with the netting before purchasing the appropriate size net. Once you’ve done this, there are several methods you can use to secure the mesh in place.

Lightweight netting can be secured in place using tape – but this isn’t the recommended fixing method as it’s not the most durable of materials, especially out in the elements.

The best way to fasten your netting is to use eye bolts/screws or clips. Simply secure these into place around the designated area and loop the net through. This method is recommended as it’s the most secure and long-term option, although you should use the most appropriate technique for you and your garden.

2 – Cost-Effective

Another reason we recommend installing bird netting into your garden is that it’s so cost-effective! Compared to other bird control methods on the market, netting is incredibly affordable.

The price of your netting will depend upon the size of the area you are trying to protect, but even if your garden is enormous, it should still be the most affordable but effective bird proofing solution.

Make sure you find a reliable supplier that offers a range of sizes for affordable prices – Bird Nets – 19mm to 100mm – 1env Solutions have a variety of colours and sizes for great prices, as well as bespoke cut-to-size options.

Gardening isn’t a cheap hobby; many people spend hundreds on outdoor areas to make them look as good as possible. As well as this, you may well use your garden to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. However, whether you sell these or grow them just for yourself, it’s a waste of money when they’re all eaten by birds.

Utilising bird netting in your garden means you get to reap the benefits of your investments for years to come without breaking the bank.

3 – Durability

High-quality bird netting is incredibly durable. If you purchase your nets from a trustworthy supplier, then it’s almost guaranteed to last you forever. Even though they are left out in all weathers, anti-bird nets are robust and designed to withstand the elements.

Not only does this mean that there’s no need to re-purchase, but it also means that it’s a low-maintenance form of bird proofing. Because they can withstand harsh weather conditions, there’s no need to put them up and take them down repeatedly.

There are metal versions of bird netting available on the market; however, these often fall victim to rot and corrosion due to wet weather. The material used in most bird netting today is rot-free and UV stabilised, meaning it won’t be damaged by the sun either.

The durability of bird netting means that once they’re in place, you can forget about them altogether!

4 – Protection

Not only will bird netting protect your plants and crops, but it can also help to keep you and your loved ones safe from potential health risks.

When birds enter your garden, they will inevitably leave behind their excrement. Bird droppings are known to spread diseases, some potentially life-threatening. If you come into contact with bird droppings or inhale or consume contaminated materials, you could be at risk of developing tuberculosis, the flu, Lyme Disease, and more!

By preventing access to your garden, bird netting can protect your family against serious health issues.

5 – Eco Friendly

Many bird proofing methods on the market today are made of plastic or contain toxic materials that can negatively impact the area they are used in. If you’re using such methods around crops, they can become contaminated and may be hazardous for whoever consumes them.

You can easily avoid this risk by using bird netting, as it doesn’t contain any toxic substances. As well as this, most bird netting is washable, reusable and incredibly durable, making it the most environmentally friendly bird proofing option available today.

Install your bird netting today to keep your garden, plants, home and loved ones safe.

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