Birkenstock & Co. is a famous footwear manufacturer company based in Germany. The company’s brand is well-recognized for its classic, comfortable, fashionable and high-quality sandals for children, men and women. In 2013 alone, Statista reported that the company generated over 14 billion euros in revenue worldwide.

For over two centuries, Birkenstock has produced timeless footwears which combine functionality and fashion. From sneakers to clogs, Birkenstocks shoes come in a variety of styles that fit multiple occasions and are available in numerous outlets, even online, such as the Birkenstocks Bstore. This article gives you five reasons why you should buy yourself a pair of this footwear.

Manufactured by a reputable manufacturer

Birkenstocks was established since the 18th century, when Johann Adam Birkenstock, the founder of the brand, started to craft shoes in a small village in Germany. Although the design and functionality of the shoe have transformed since then, the brand’s sandals and clogs are still well-known for providing comfort even after over 240 years later.

Considering the reliability and reputation of this long-standing company, customers get a top-quality product from Birkenstocks with designs which have been refined and perfected for years.

Simple and suave

The company’s sandals are easy-to-wear with clean lines and soft fabrics, such as leather, which makes them so accessible. Also, the company produces footwear with a simple yet timeless design that customers can use with almost every attire, such as jeans, skirts, and dresses. Trendy designs are also available in the market with bright colours and additional buckles.

Customers can also find dozens of latest collections in online stores, such as Birkenstocks Bstore. The company’s new products retain some of the Birkenstocks original look, but also come with unique styles and options, such as EVA, suede, metallic, patent and braided. 

Comfortable foot bed

Because comfort is a subjective subject, users generally have to justify their statements. For Birkenstocks, however, such disclaimers are not necessary. The brand is famous for manufacturing comfortable shoes.

The company’s footwear is made with the contoured insole to give more comfort. The shoes also come with a curved foot bed, mainly for stability and durability. Customers new to this arch support system, however, should try to bend the foot bed a few times before using them and limit their wear time to only a few hours during the initial five to six usages.

Eco-friendly, repairable and renewable

Birkenstock is eco-friendly, even before environmental awareness becomes a trend. The company continues to use top quality and naturally-insulating materials. All foot beds of the company’s footwear are made of cork, latex, and jute. Their famous cork soles are created from the bark of cork oak trees, without any plants getting cut or damaged. Instead, the bark is detached and left to regrow.

Birkenstock shoes are also totally renewable and repairable, allowing customers to use them longer and save money from having to buy a new pair of shoes each time.

Designed to last

The distinct foot bed style of Birkenstock allows it to mould to the shape of the customers’ foot. Hence, the shoes will become more comfortable over time. With thick soles from cork and premium quality uppers from suede or leather, Birkenstocks footwear can stand the test of time and make customers satisfied for years to come.

While Birkenstock is a household name for some, the brand can still be somewhat enigmatic, especially for someone who just came to know it. Nevertheless, owning a pair of iconic Birkenstock shoes which transcends fashion is fantastic. It can be easily bought online from stores that feature the footwear line such as Birkenstocks Bstore. They are comfortable, durable, eco-friendly, repairable, and can last for a long time.

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