There are certain things that mark the arrival of certain seasons. More people go to Zion National Park around the summer, leaves start to change into those beautiful colors in the fall, and the Salvation Army workers are braving the cold Utah weather to receive donations.

Many times, people think the only reason they should give to charity is to help with financial situations. While that is often the case, there are plenty of other reasons to donate. 

For example, many charities accept much more than money. You can find a place in Utah car donation and donate that vehicle that’s been lying around and collecting dust. While you’re not giving money, you’re changing someone’s life by giving them a vehicle.

This article will go over some key reasons why you should consider donating to charity.

Teaches the Importance of Giving

Whenever birthdays or Christmas rolls around, parents always try to stress the importance of giving during the holidays. “It’s much better to give than to receive,” they may say.

However, it’s admittedly hard for kids to think about giving when they’re holding a brand new Nintendo Switch in their hands.

Donating through charity is the ultimate form of giving because the only thing you’re “receiving” back is the notion that you know you’re helping change someone’s life by giving them a hot meal or new clothes. 

Tax Benefits

OK, maybe there is a tangible “gift” that you receive back when you make a donation. For every dollar you donate, you can make a deduction on your tax return when April 15th rolls around.

When you do donate, make sure you collect the receipt from the non-profit or charity that you donated to.

While the IRS isn’t going to bat their eyes at amounts of around $100, they will want to have a closer look at the deducted $1,500 when you donate your car in Utah over the summer. 

Nowadays, the IRS wants proof of any big tax deductions, so make sure you’re holding onto that receipt when filling out your taxes.

Fights Poverty

While this is a broad goal, the statistics back up the importance of giving as world poverty has been reduced drastically over the last four decades. 

The world may still be a long way away from eradicating extreme poverty, but every little bit can help. 

There is no right amount to allocate to donating, but you can rest assured that whatever you decide to donate will help.

It Doesn’t Have to be Money

While money is, obviously, one of the most popular and easy things to donate, you don’t always have to reach into your wallet at a charity function or other similar event.

Donating your time can make just as much difference as money; you can volunteer at places such as Habitat for Humanity or even volunteering at the hospital.

It’s a great way to get involved in the community, bring your family along, and make a difference in your neighbor’s life.

It’s a Gratifying Activity

Ultimately, you should be donating because you want to help make a change. Even if you have just a few dollars to give or clothes your children have outgrown, someone out there can use that in their life to make a difference.

So be sure to check around your area and find a charity that you could donate to and work with.

If you’re lucky, there might be a Utah car donation drive that you can attend.

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