Leather sofas are a popular choice of furniture across the globe. The leather sofa industry keeps growing over the years. Market Watch anticipated that the global Leather Sofa market would rise significantly at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 10% from 2019 to 2028.

You can find Leather Sofa in thousands of hotels and restaurants worldwide. It also makes a piece of great functional furniture to your living room while giving off an inviting and sophisticated feel. Still not sure if leather sofa is a good fit for your living room? Read on to learn five more reasons as to why leather sofas remain the top choice of furniture and an excellent addition to your living room.

Top-of-the-line material

Since a long time ago, leather furniture has been associated with premium materials. When people visit an office and find leather sofas, their first impression of the office is classy and sophisticated, no matter how simple the design may be.

Some traits of leather sofas which make them a top-quality product are because they are made with the finest materials and methods, and they can last for years. While leather sofas tend to be expensive as compared to their other counterparts, such as wool, fabric, denim and vinyl sofas, they have far better quality.

Highly durable and easy-to-clean

Leathers are robust yet flexible, which makes them capable of resisting tears and punctures. They are so durable that experts anticipate a leather sofa to last for up to four times longer than the fabric ones. Also, unlike conventional fabric couches, leather sofas are odour-repellent. Their anti-odour and anti-puncture properties make them the ideal furniture for pet owners.

Moreover, leather sofas can be anti-spills and anti-dirt. Homeowners can easily clean the couch by merely wiping it with a damp rag.

Ensures comfortability

In contrast to synthetic imitations, leather is breathable. This fantastic feature allows leather sofas to dissipate heat and cold rather fast. They also soak up heat and release moisture, making them feel less sticky and damp, unlike vinyl or other plastic-based materials. Hence, people can sit on it comfortably regardless of the climate. 

Stands the test of time

Over time, most sofas would look notably torn and worn. A leather Sofa, however, ages well. After a couple of years, leather sofas become softer and more supple. Since they are resistant to sun damage and heat, homeowners can leave them by the window or outside without worrying about them fading.

When it comes to colours, leather tends to maintain its brightness and richness for years because of its particular dyeing procedure. The dyes impregnate the leather instead of just coating its surface. Hence, homeowners do not have to worry about their leather sofas, losing their shine down the line.

Stunning appearance

Appearance is one of the deciding factors consumers usually consider when it comes to choosing a sofa set at home. The simple yet elegant look of leather sofas often fit most peopleโ€™s preference. They appear sleek with a sense of sophistication and typically comes with natural, neutral colours, which make them an excellent timeless piece people can use for years to come.

Aside from their simplistic yet elegant appeal, leather sofas are an incredibly wise furniture choice. They are high-quality, durable, comfortable, easy to clean, can last for a long time, and can withstand tears, wears, and puncture. They are also pet-friendly and allow your pets to play and lay on the couch comfortably.

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