Moving to a new city in a new state can be exciting. But how safe is the environment? A study conducted on the most dangerous cities in America had Midwest cities dominating the list. These cities included Detroit and Flint in Michigan, Springfield, East St, Louis and Rockford in Illinois.

Some of these cities have higher rates of crimes compared to other cities located out of the Midwest. Settling down into such cities calls for caution and extreme personal security. This includes equipping yourself with either lethal or non lethal weapons.

Self-defense devices

When it comes to lethal weapons such as a firearm as a form of self-defense weapon, it may take you several hours of training in order to perfect your aim and shots. Not to mention, handguns have heavy regulations and not everybody can be allowed access to one. Also, in case you are allowed access to a firearm, you risk the potential killing of another person. Is that something you want on your conscience?

Non-lethal defence weapons such as Tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays and more are more accessible with lesser regulations on legal accessibility. These have no consequential effects such as permanent damage or death. Instead, they allow you to get a chance to escape and seek help.

Shield yourself from danger

As a current resident โ€“ or a potential one thereof โ€“ in these Midwest cities you are prone to criminal events such as:

  • Murder
  • Non-negligent manslaughter
  • Sexual harassment or forcible rape
  • Theft and robbery โ€“ with or without violence
  • Aggregated assault

Economic conditions are considered among the factors that cause a rise in such crimes in these Midwest cities. But what can you do when faced with such a situation? Having a self-defense weapon will not only limit the attacker from causing you harm but will also help you escape and get help thus saving your life.

Tasers are in this case the most suitable self-defense weapons due to these factors:

  • Easy to master and use
  • Do not cause death or permanent damage
  • Are not as noisy as handguns
  • Have a good range of action as compared to stun guns
  • Have less strict regulations as compared to firearms
  • Once recharged fully, can be used as often as you want. Unlike handguns that can run out of ammo

Spy on your home in dangerous cities

While you plan to settle down in some of these dangerous cities in the Midwest, your home or office becomes vulnerable to theft and robbery. Even with security alarms, it is necessary to be in a position to spy on your home or workplace. This is achievable through spy cameras.

You can get a variety of spy cameras to choose from and have them installed in your living space so that you can keep tabs on your area even when you are away. There are also night vision cameras that can enable you to spy on your home or office at night.

All in all, get yourself a security measure that guarantees you maximum security as you get to move into and settle in one of these most dangerous cities in the Midwest. Also, choose a self-defense weapon that is easy for you to handle and carry and will not cause you any future regrets โ€“ such as killing someone.

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