Floor tile design is an excellent choice of flooring. Porcelain tile has existed for a while but has recently gained so much popularity in homes. Unlike standard ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are robust, durable, and attractive.

Usually, when you think of tiles, the first spaces to come to mind are bathrooms and kitchens. But also tiling the living room has significant benefits in meeting the needs and preferences of different users.

Porcelain tiles offer a polished, low-maintenance floor solution that makes your living space elegant. Thanks to modern technologies in the ceramic industry, porcelain tiles come in various designs like stone, wood, textiles, and complex mosaics.

These numerous tile patterns help to achieve endless designs for your living space. Check out the design ideas below to enhance the porcelain tile in your living space.

What Is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is dense clay made using higher temperatures than that of ceramic tiles. In other words, Porcelain tile is a blend of clay with other natural elements fired in a furnace.

After production, it becomes exceptionally even and non-absorbent. Porcelain tile is famous for designs in large areas where you want a more stylish, polished, and steady look. Itโ€™s also ideal for areas with high room traffic, thanks to its less maintenance.

Most people use porcelain and ceramic tiles interchangeably, but porcelain tile is heavier. Nonetheless, decorating your living space with porcelain tiles is a breeze.

Design Ideas for Porcelain Tile in Your Living Space

Regarding living space tile decorating ideas, it would help to go for the best tile designs for living space that will align with your budget, preference, and purpose. Porcelain is not just high-quality but also among the best due to its wide range of shapes and styles. This makes it highly versatile to use in different areas of the house.

Again, you can find the perfect fit for your modern renovation. Hence, you can have your floor or wall designed creatively. And you get to enjoy a sophisticated look with diverse shapes and patterns. Unlike carpeted floors, the natural finish of porcelain tiles rests flawlessly with furnishings and decor. Read on.

1. Create a Magnificent and Scratch-Resistant Floor Tile Design

If you’re thinking of buying an ideal type of flooring, think only about porcelain tiles. They are an excellent choice in areas with regular and high foot traffic. This causes quick and easy wear and tear.

Usually, low-quality tiles tend to lose their sheen. Floor porcelain tiles can last for a prolonged period in conditions where other floorings cannot endure the wear.

Furthermore, porcelain tile is also scratch resistant, making it an excellent floor tile design for pets and kids. Choosing a porcelain tile that suits your needs is easy with the various styles available.

You can opt for a design that can imitate any desired floor type, like hardwood or marble. All the same, you’ll still uphold the easy maintenance of porcelain.

2. Add to Your Interior Wall Tile Designs With Unique Backdrops

Porcelain tiles are not only used on floors. Their versatility allows the homeowner to customize various interior designs.

Do you want a textured wall for your bedroom? Are you looking for a dark gray backdrop for your studio? Porcelain wall tiles got this! You can opt for large porcelain tiles to create your desired backdrop. Or, look for textured designs that can act as wallpaper for your bedroom or other walls.

It would be best to shop for tiles in a place with different porcelain sizes. This will help you customize any size you need to design the wall features of your spaces.

3. Use the Best Tiles to Customize Your Shower Stalls

In the bathroom, shower stalls are the most used and abused because of water and soap. Consequently, lower-quality tiles can be vulnerable to calcium residues, and can even start discoloring. But, not with porcelain tiles!

Thanks to its hardwearing nature, porcelain makes the best tiles for the bathroom. Better still, they come in different styles and sizes that would blend well with bathroom dรฉcor requirements.

You can go to a tile store and pick different tile combinations for the ideal customization of your liking. If you have a small bathroom, white or other light colors would make it look bigger.

4. Go for An Excellent Kitchen Floor Plan Design

Porcelain tile is a leading choice when looking for hard wearing flooring options for your living space. Because it’s perfect for areas with higher usage, it qualifies among the best tiles for the kitchen. Remarkably, it can extend to other areas like dining spaces, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen.

Food and liquid stains in the kitchen are inevitable. In most cases, people tend to wipe them as quickly as possible for fear of staining. Porcelain tiles are an exception.

The tiles are highly stain-resistant. This is because the porcelain material doesn’t absorb liquids. It has a porosity level of below 0.5%, so it’s hard for stains to seep through. Plus, the non-porous property of porcelain makes it frost resistant for outside usage. Cleaning porcelain tiles is simply straightforward.

A polished design would be ideal. But, it’s too slippery underfoot on an excellent kitchen tile floor option. Opting for a textured porcelain tile would add more grip, especially when the kitchen floor is wet. And, of course, a slippery tile wouldn’t be safe for homes with pets and kids.

5. Add Personality to Your Home With a Unique Fireplace

It’s true that a house that lacks a fireplace also lacks a heart. A fireplace is an exceptional addition to your living room. With its nostalgic and cozy aesthetics, a fireplace is the best method to add personality to your home.

But, an attractive and unique fireplace would add more magic to your space. An ideal method of spicing your hearthside is by using porcelain tiles. The different styles of porcelain tiles helps you maintain your fireplace’s convectional and current style.

Still, you can choose a more refreshing style to bring a contemporary touch as an upgrade. Try a charcoal tone on your fireplace porcelain tiles.

You can choose a different fireplace design from the rest of the house. If your living room or kitchen has modern porcelain tile designs, you can use the same for your fireplace. This will help create a continuity style in your living space.

Mosaic tiles are also excellent for enhancing your fireplace. Whether you opt for smaller, neutral or bold tiles, mosaics provide texture and pattern that can intrigue your living space.

Parting Shot

With so many incredible floor tile design ideas available, there’s no better time to consider improving your living space than now. Porcelain tiles can create any desirable style for a rustic modern look.

Also, the porcelain tile designs for living spaces add to the texture, which is so crucial in the current styles of dรฉcor. This contributes to a cozy and spacious living space where comfort and relaxation become the constant norm.

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