When shifting to a new home, decorating it may seem like a fun task but that is not all, along with the aesthetic appeal, you cannot overlook the safety of the house hence we have come up with a few effective tips to make your new home safe and secure;

1. Secure the Doors and Windows:

Most burglars try to enter a house through the front door, hence add good quality locks, use double doors and a door alarm that will alert you and the alarm company when someone enters your home without authorization. Similarly, the windows can also be used to enter your house hence use grills on them and keep them locked when you are not around. One thing you need to consider is that while you are planning all these so that burglars do not come in, you also need to plan escape routes in case of a fire emergency hence do not grill all the windows or else the escape routes will be just your main door and backdoor which may not be enough.

2. Donโ€™t Overlook the Garage:

A garage is another entry point that can be used by burglars to enter your house, hence lock the garage doors and use good quality doors so that no one can enter through it without your knowledge.

3. Light Up the Landscape and Passages:

Burglars do not like to be in the spotlight; hence they will stay away from homes that have the porch light on. You can also use motion sensor lights which will save electricity bills and also light up whenever someone walks by, hence it will startle the burglars if they try to enter the house. This will also help you as well, as dark passages may cause accidents hence you can move around your house securely. 

4. Set Up a Security System:

It is important that you get cameras installed around the house for the safety of your family if there are intruders, the security system will alert you so that you can avoid mishaps. This also helps when you invite a nanny to take care of your baby.

5. Be Prepared for Fire:

In a house, you need to be prepared if there is a fire hence install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Test the detectors monthly and make sure the extinguisher is not too old. Find a fire escape route, know whom to call in an emergency and teach the same to all your family members. There might be a power outage due to fire, hence you also need to install Nรธdbelysning (emergency lighting) so that no one gets hurt while navigating through the house in an emergency to find an escape. You additionally need to take precautions to prevent fire at home by making sure that all your electrical appliances are in good condition.

Figuring out the security of your home may seem like a chore, but it is utmost essential as you never know when this hard work of yours pays off hence follow these tips to be safe and secure at your home.

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