Apps make learning easier by providing exciting content or simplifying study tasks. They allow you to study wherever you are and at any time you wish. Easier learning leaves you with more time to work on personal projects, relax, or socialize, among many other more exciting activities in college.

Students require apps for different reasons. Many have installed tens of apps on their phones, each with unique inclinations. However, the market provides a range of apps to help students at different levels study.

Here are some of the best apps for students to perform unique tasks.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an editing app for students who wish to present meticulous work. It is also used by a homework helper for college students to check plagiarism. It is one of the most versatile apps that a college student can use to help deliver the best academic papers.

Grammarly is available as an add-on to your text-processing software. It will highlight errors in real-time enabling you to edit them out. Grammarly also compiles a report of your most common writing mistakes. Through these reports, you can work on particular weaknesses to improve the quality of work you submit.

Grammarly is free with basic features. If you need the advanced features, you pay a minimal subscription. The features installed are easy to use, giving you the simplest writing experience.

Grammarly will also help with plagiarism. It highlights the plagiarized areas as well as the sources. You can compare the highlight sections with the source to correct the errors easily. If you need to be a good academic writer, Grammarly is a mandatory app.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is in a league of its own in providing engaging content to high school and college students. It is free yet provides some of the most detailed materials to explain the concepts taught in class. The materials are available in text, videos, audio, and other rich-content formats.

Materials available at Khan Academy are vetted by professional teachers before uploading. You are, therefore guaranteed the best quality materials that will not mislead your studies. For a free educational app, this is one of the best bargains you will ever get.

3. PDS Kids Games

Games are a crucial part of learning. They make class sessions engaging and enjoyable. Further, students love the games because of the memorable lessons they offer. PDS Kids Games app has gathered the best learning games for elementary and advanced learning.

The games are vetted to align them with the learning requirements for kids at different points. The platform offers games in history, math, languages, and sciences, among others. It will also recommend advanced games based on the prowess of your kid at a particular level.

4. RefMe

RefMe is for high school and college students who have to cite their sources. Instead of creating the citations manually, you enter the details on the platform and instantly generate a citation. RefMe is accurate and consistent to improve the quality of your work.

RefMe is free for basic features. The speed, accuracy, and consistency in formatting boost the quality of your paper. RefMe solves all your citation and formatting issues, giving you an A+ grade paper.

5. Google Docs

A wise student builds a database for his academic work. Google Docs helps you to build an online database you can access anytime and from any gadget. You can continue working on a paper while traveling without tagging all your gadgets along. It feels like carrying a personalized library wherever you go.

Learning apps will make your studies easier. They will also help you to boost performance. However, you must choose the best app to solve your learning challenges. It helps if it has multiple features.

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