More so than many other couples, military members and their spouses have to work through a lot of transitions. With military service comes a lot of relocation and time apart and, eventually, re-acclimation to civilian life. Fortunately, the military offers numerous support systems to not only servicemen and women but their spouses as well. 

Financial assistance for higher education is a particularly life-changing benefit of military service. This support opens doors to service members who may not have had the same opportunities apart from the military. Even better, the spouses of military members also receive financial benefits to help them pursue higher education.

A common way for military spouses to take advantage of these resources is by taking courses online. Because marrying a member of the military entails a particular lifestyle, online education often suits the needs of military spouses better than traditional learning.

Benefits for Military Spouses Attending Online College

Pursuing education online is an excellent option for mothers, travelers, people with major health concerns, full-time workers, and other specific demographics of learners. For one reason or another, online learning best fits these lifestyles and circumstances. When it comes to military spouses, online education has its clear advantages:

  • Ease and Flexibility โ€“ Marriage to a member of the military often entails relocation. Having to move every one to two years can make it difficult to attend a traditional school. Enrolling in an online school for military spouses provides the mobility that is needed to study on the move. 
  • With online learning, having to relocate in the middle of a semester wonโ€™t limit your access to your course professors. With online courses, you can easily get in touch with professors virtually anytime via Skype, email, or an inbuilt chat platform. This level of communication ensures that your professor can address your specific learning needs.
  • Smoother Transition Between Time Zones โ€“ Travelling across time-zones always causes its fair share of hiccups. With 24/7 availability to their courses, military spouses who move or travel often can keep chipping away at their classes without interruption, regardless of where youโ€™re located in relation to your professor. Just be sure to check how the time change affects your deadlines.
  • Tailor-Made Courses โ€“ Pursuing an education online opens the doors to thousands of courses and career opportunities. Without the limitation of having to attend a school physically, military spouses can have their pick of classes and degrees without having to relocate for the program. Also, having a wide selection of schools and programs, itโ€™s easier to find niche and specialized courses. 
  • Financial assistance โ€“ As mentioned above, military spouses qualify for many financial benefits that can easily be used for online learning. Financial assistance options include Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts benefits, GI Bill benefits, and various scholarships.
  • Easier Attendance โ€“ A traditional school requires you to schedule your life around classes. With online classes, military spouses can still earn a degree while going through transitions that military life requires. With online courses, attending classes can be as simple as opening a tablet or laptop wherever you are.

Research Before Making a Decision

With financial support and wide availability of courses, the possibilities are endless for military spouses looking to further their education. However, not all online schools are equal. Before diving into online lectures and textbooks, be sure to thoroughly research online colleges to make sure they have military-friendly offerings. By enrolling at the right online school and optimizing their available benefits, any military spouse can look forward to an enriching online learning experience.

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