People associate driving a joystick with a powered wheelchair. Scoozy has combined it with mobility scooter capabilities. It can take some time before someone gets used to it, but it has some benefits when it comes to safety and comfort. Below are some benefits of joystick controls.

A mobility scooter that comes with an active brake

A joystick is used to control Scoozy. It works intuitively. If you are using a traditional mobility scooter, you need to squeeze levels on the handlebars for it to accelerate. For bicycles, this means breaking. When you let go, it goes into soft braking while hard braking is by pulling back. The active brake is a good feature of Scoozy and it makes a driver feel like they are in control.

Open Design

It provides you with a maximum open view because there are no handlebars in front distracting. It makes it easy to see your position when riding on the road and you can also see any obstacles in front.

This is a mobility scooter that provides you with a lot of legroom

The scooter doesnโ€™t have steering columns, which allows you to have a lot of legroom. This is going to be a great feature for those with long legs or ones who like keeping their legs straight. People with legs with a cast will also find this feature helpful. Click here to find out more about these types of scooters.

No sore shoulders and tired arms on the mobility scooters

Another benefit of having a joystick is your arms can rest on the armrest as you ride. You donโ€™t have to worry about your arms being tired. You also need to use little power because the steering is very tight.

Controlling the scooter using one hand

With higher speed driving, long-distance, and joystick control capabilities, you can easily combine the features of the electric wheelchair with the benefits of a mobility scooter. This makes it easy to control the scooter with one hand. You will get a safe feeling with this scooter because of the adapted electronics and unique software.

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