Over the last century there have been many beneficial advances in food science, and with that has come an almost unending supply of food options for you and your family.

Many of the food you will find at your local supermarket will be prepackages meals, needing little preparation.

While this has been a great leap in convenience by affording busy adults the times to sit down at the dinner table with their family, it has come at the cost of the quality of the food we consume.

The majority of the food found on your store shelves contains numerous chemical additives that we are beginning to see scientific evidence pointing to the negative health consequences of their consumption.

Most of these chemical food additives come in one of three categories. Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors.

While there is still much more research needed into these and many other food additives, most experts agree that minimizing your consumption of these artificial food additives listed in the infographic that is prepared by Readyzeal below is a healthy decision.

48 Toxic Food: Additives to Avoid infographic

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