With summer in full swing, having a wardrobe of bathing suits for the beach is a sure way to look your best, both on the shore and in the water. Mix-and-match bathing suits are a popular choice, allowing for the best all-around fit and style selection. Being able to buy separates gives you a plethora of options in both tops and bottoms.

When buying mix-and-match pieces another bonus is that by switching out the shape of the style of your swimsuit on a regular basis you can minimize odd tans lines.

By keeping lots of trendy bikinis on hand, you can also preserve the life of your swimwear collection by minimizing wear and tear on just one bathing suit, or you can see more at RhyleSwim.

1. One Shouldered Bikini Top

The one-shouldered bikini tops can be a really flattering option as well as offer a good amount of support. This will leave you with some one-sided tan lines, but if you wear one-shouldered clothing often this could really work for you style-wise. Try wearing it with a high-waisted bottom for a super stylish look, or a cheeky bottom for a little more exposure.

2. Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeau bikini tops are a classic for summertime fun at the beach or the pool. Aside from being stylish, bandeau tops are known for minimal tan lines. For a cute fashion twist attached ruffles or even fringe give a bandeau suit an exciting twist. For ease of wear, some bandeaus are one piece with no hardware – you just pull it on and adjust it in place. For swimmers needing a little extra support, bandeau bikini tops are even available in underwire models.

3. Thong Bikini Bottoms

For looking great coming and going, consider wearing a thong bikini bottom for your next sunbathing session. Both traditional and high-waisted options are available in thong styles. The high-waisted variety of thong bottoms does offer some tummy control while still exposing your backside to the most sun exposure possible. Check out colaless or Brazilian bikini bottoms for hot styles of thong bikini bottoms this season.

4. Micro Bikini Bottoms

For the most exposure under the sun consider wearing a micro bikini bottom. These trendy bikinis are by design made to be barely there and great for those who enjoy regularly tanning. Micro bikini bottoms are great for sun worshippers who have a body-positive attitude as they leave little to the imagination. Try pairing a micro bikini bottom with a bandeau bikini top for a suit that will give you a great tan with hardly any lines.

Bare As You Dare

With todayโ€™s fashion, you can go as bare as you dare. There are so many options for bikini wearers in fashionable colors, fabrics, and styles. There is virtually no limit to the combinations that you can make with mix-and-match bikini styles even if you hit the beach or pool daily. Look online for trendy bikinis and start building your own swimsuit wardrobe for the swim season ahead today.

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