Just like human beings, dogs need regular exercise in order to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. This is especially true if your dog has high energy levels. With this excess energy, your dog can cause you all kinds of problems if you do not provide them with appropriate ways to release it. This may result in destructive behaviour, excessive barking, or even acting out in search of your attention. What can you do to help your dog channel this excess energy into other activities? The best way is to implement the use of unique activities that engage your dog’s instincts, body, and mind.

It is important for you to ensure that there is time set aside in your busy schedule for your dog. This will rescue you from the challenges of having a dog with destructive tendencies. It will also help improve the quality of life of both you and your dog. You will form a stronger bond, and help each other release some steam. Creating an environment where your dog has adequate outlets for energy release will help them expend it in a less destructive manner. You should also consider the health benefits that it will bring for both you and your dog. Some of the ways you can use to burn off your dog’s energy include:

1. Make Use of Dog Parks

If you have any dog parks in your neighbourhood, make sure you use them to the best of your abilities. This is because your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs and help wear each other out.

You will also get dog play equipment, such as obstacle courses, hurdles, and hoops, which will provide your dog with hours of fun and exercise. This means that your dog will get both mental and physical stimulation. This will also make the bond between you and your dog stronger.

2. Invest in Interactive Toys

It is important to understand that dogs with high energy levels also have very active minds. This is why need to have activities and games that can mentally stimulate your dog. For example, you can invest in treat-dispensing toys. These are toys designed to keep your dog busy by engaging their mind.

They act as puzzles that give out treats when your dog is able to manipulate them. Such toys offer a win-win situation, where your dog exercises and eats at the same time. It also gives you some time to yourself, but this should not be a permanent fix.

3. Playing Indoors

There are times when you will not be able to play outdoors with your dog. However, this does not mean they should not get some exercise. You will have to use your imagination to come up with indoor activities that offer both mental and physical energy release. Consider blending activities that will stimulate and tire simultaneously.

You can use engaging activities such as fetch or use food-based games such as Hide-And-Seek. Get as creative as possible and use things readily-available in your home to construct a unique game for your dog.

4. Basic Obedience and Training

For a highly energetic dog, you should consider implementing basic training exercises. The reason is that it gives your dog a strong foundation for more advanced forms of training. With proper obedience training, your dog will be calmer. By making the obedience training sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible, then they will be more productive and make a bigger impact in lowering your dog’s energy levels.

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