Pocket knives are among the handiest gadgets you can own. Especially the ones that come with multiple blades and a range of small tools, they can sort you out in a plethora of situations. From sharpening objects to cutting, unscrewing stuff, the list of things you can do with a pocket knife is a rather long one. Needless to mention, that small object you slip into your pocket can also serve as a self-defense weapon when you find yourself in danger! Without further ado, letโ€™s take a look at six things a pocket knife can help you with.

1. Upgrading Your Style

Especially for men, pocket knives are considered a must-have accessory in many places. Owing to the diverse range of things you can do with one, some cultures use them as invaluable heirlooms. Moreover, they reflect a manโ€™s style and tastes. Moreover, designs evolve as much as the portability needs. These are among the various cited reasons you should upgrade your pocket knife. Better yet, a new stylish pocket knife goes a long way in upgrading your style.

2. Opening Packages

The pocket knife was invented to offer cutting services where the casual knife wasn’t worth carrying around. Having a knife in your offices would seem rather odd. But the pocket knife comes in handy in several situations. For example, you receive a package, and you want to cut it open. It most probably has tape sealing the contents. You will therefore need a sharp tool to cut it open. That is where the pocket knife comes in. If you want to prevent residue from mucking up your blade, consider cutting the cardboard instead of the tape itself.

3. Can Act as a Substitute for a Tool Box

Most of us would prefer having one tool that can perform multiple tasks otherwise performed by specific tools per each task. This is because of its efficiency to carry around. A knife can be a good substitute for a toolbox. The most common use is usually as a screwdriver. The tip of any strong bladed knife can easily insert or remove a stripped screw from surfaces. When you are camping, you may forget to pack a few things that come in handy.

For example, when you forget to carry your fire-making equipment, a good, strong, and sharp pocket knife can make all the difference. You get to use it to shave off wood bark for kindling, cut away wet wood and sometimes spark a fire when there are no other options at hand.

4. Makes On-The-Go-Eating Easier

When you are always on the road, eating becomes a habit. Of course, carrying spoons, forks, and knives with you can be cumbersome. With clean hands and a sharp pocket knife, on the go eating can never be easier and fun. Apples, cheese, and any other food you like munching on when hitting the road are made more fun to eat when you have something to chop into sizable pieces.

Other pocket knives come with parts that open your beer, soda, and wine bottles, as well as canned food. You don’t have to strain your teeth or destroy stuff around your car trying to open these bottles and cans. A pocket knife can really help you out with that. If you are yet to get one, don’t you think you need it?

5. Whittling

Anyone fond of carving wood into adorable crafts will tell you just how dear a pocket knife can be to them. Whittled crafts make awesome gifts to friends and loved ones. With a sharp, quality pocket knife and the right piece of wood, you can comfortably whittle an object from scratch using your bare hands.

Other than using your end product as a keepsake, you can make beautiful objects that can be used to enhance dรฉcor and add some elegance to your home. From whittling, many people also create stuff that adds meaning to their life. Because men are handy, this is also another reason why a pocket knife can make a great gift to the man in your life.

6. Saving Lives

Anyone owning a knife can, for sure, attest just how many times that tool has come in handy and saved a life. There are many incidences where pocket knives have been known to save lives. You get attacked by an animal or a thug. Without any self-defense skills, you are helpless. However, with a pocket knife, you have a fighting chance.

Other times you might find yourself saving the day by cutting out someone who is in a burning vehicle and have been trapped by a seatbelt. While a pocket knife has several uses, saving lives is one of the main reasons you should have one near you at all times. Make sure to carry it around where it is legal.

And there you have it. The things you can do with a nice pocket knife are more than a handful. Hopefully, the above piece will inspire you to get one for yourself or a loved one.

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