If youโ€™re thinking of creating a merchant account to handle all your online transactions, itโ€™s important to choose a reliable payment processor that guarantees security and transparency. Find a merchant that accepts all major credit and debit cards. Online payments need not be a complicated affair, especially at this time when technology is at its peak.

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Here are 4 Frequently Asked Questions about accepting online payments:

1. Is it secure?

Some people question the security of online transactions. Although itโ€™s an important issue, most merchants today pay top dollar to ensure their systems are secure and impenetrable. My Payment Savvy, for instance, encrypts all sensitive data using the latest technology. This prevents hackers from intercepting any online payments and stealing funds. Before subscribing to any online merchant, ensure they have all the proper security features put in place. Getting paid online is an easy, stress-free process. The beauty of online transactions is their speed and reliability. You can rest easy knowing that all online payments you make will be highly secure.

2. Will I get a transaction receipt?

Receipts are often used as proof of purchase. Customers are highly encouraged to get a receipt whenever they purchase a product. When using online payment services, a receipt is usually generated and sent to your unique email. However, if you donโ€™t receive your receipt after making the transaction, contact the customer support team of your particular merchant. They should be able to sort out your issue within a day. Always insist on getting a receipt when you make any online transaction. This way, youโ€™ll have proof of payment if push comes to shove.

3. How will I receive the payment?

If youโ€™re expecting some payment, itโ€™s important to share your payment info with the respective person/entity sending you money. The information you provide will allow funds to be deposited to your merchant account. However, avoid providing too much info โ€“ your pins and password should never be shared with others. Advanced online merchants such as My Payment Savvy offer a plethora of payment processing solutions, allowing you to transact using your debit/credit card 24/7. You get discounted rates every time you transact using this service.

4. What debit and credit cards are accepted?

Most merchants accept an assortment of cards regardless of their location or apparent use. In rare cases, some credit cards are rejected because of strict restrictions imposed upon them. The Savvy Solution makes it easier for customers to pay for products/services quickly and easily by guaranteeing credit card acceptance. The first process will involve creating your unique merchant account and following the application process designed by your respective payment merchant. Whether itโ€™s a MasterCard, VISA, American Express card or any other brand, youโ€™ll soon enjoy seamless online transactions at reasonably competitive rates.

These are just some of the numerous FAQs about accepting online payments.

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