Now that spring is in full bloom in many areas, those with seasonal allergies are looking for any way possible to keep the pollen at bay and stop their eyes and nose from spontaneously running and watering. But while you’d like to think that your home would be a safe space for you, if you’re not careful, your home can become an area where your allergies are just as apparent as when you’re outside.

To keep this from happening to you, here are three ways to make your home more comfortable for someone with seasonal allergies. 

Remove Outer Layers When You Come Inside

If you’re worried about keeping pollen and other allergy-inducing particles from getting into your home, the first thing you should do when you get into the house is remove your outer layers of clothing at the door.

When you’re outside, it’s easy for allergy particles to attach themselves to your clothes and shoes. Then, if you wear those clothes into the house and on the couch or your bed, those particles are going to transfer onto those items. If this happens, you’ll have a very hard time escaping from your allergy symptoms in the house. So if you’re able to, leave your shoes and other outer layers of clothing at the door until you’re ready to go back outside or put those items in the washing machine. 

Be Careful With Your Flooring Choices

If you or someone else in your home forgets to take off those outer layers of clothing, or if the doors or windows get left open, allergens can get into the house and rest themselves on your flooring or furniture where they can begin to cause problems for those with allergies.

To keep this to a minimum, you should be very careful about what flooring you choose when someone is dealing with seasonal allergies. Ideally, you should try to reduce the amount of space with carpeting. Rather, choose flooring that won’t hold onto the allergens and will be easy for you to clean up. 

Keep The Air Clean

As you periodically open doors and windows in your house, allergens can get blown inside and float around in the air. Luckily, there are things you can do to clean the air and keep these allergens from getting breathed in in large amounts. 

To do this, consider turning on your air conditioning to get the air circulated outside of the home. Additionally, you can also get an air purifier to filter out particles that you don’t want to be breathing in at all. 

If you’re worried about the seasonal allergies of someone in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to make this issue easier to deal with this spring and summer.

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