The word “ICBC” means Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. They usually provide universal car insurance since 1973. The man who buys the autoplay of ICBC, the company, protects them from the third party claiming. Like any other companies, they also require money to run the package, which must be paid monthly. ICBC adjusters report accurate analysis after an accident, and they look for companies’ interest as they are hired for this. So before facing them, it would be good to talk with ICBC lawyer Kelowna. That will help you to get the proper compensation.

Who is ICBC Adjuster?

ICBC adjuster is the man who is hired to find out the proper accident reason and adjust the claiming amount as the company employs him, so they always try to find companies for their benefit. So be aware of them. They might pin your fault if they found any clue against you and would deny your insurance claim. Often they are called settlement officers also.

How to Deal with ICBC adjuster?

The insurance company must be informed within 24 hours of having an accident. Therefore they will send an ICBC adjuster to understand all the situations and to collect information.

As your claiming and compensation is depending on an ICBC adjuster. So it needs to be dealt with carefully. So here I am providing tips below that would help you to handle an adjuster more easily.

Find out his sector of interest

As a company employee, he would try to affect you with some laws or legislation or any offer. He is the man who is the real difference between your need and the compensation amount. So firstly, try to find out which topic he is offending more or paying interest. Sometimes, they influence you to have a premium plan for the insurance, which is beneficial to them.

They are pressurized to reduce the ICBC’s cost. So they will try to misguide you to have lower compensation. So you have to be tricky while talking with them.

Check your information

The insurance company would try to reject your claim for their benefit. But they can’t deny it directly. They would try to find out any information which they can use against you to deny your claim. So pay attention to your information. If any of them breaks insurance law, then you have to retouch it to get the compensation.

On the other hand, the ICBC would try to pin you for the fault, which would reject your claim. In these accidents, the convict and the victim are both guilty. Then they have to bear their own damage cost. So ICBC would try you to pin a fault to cancel your compensation claim.

Check the settlement offer

After passing all these steps, the final stage is confirming the settlement offer letter. This would require your signature to approve the settlement. Before making any sign, please read the complete settlement offer. They may apply any terms and conditions to your claim, or they might force you to upgrade your plan to the premium plan. Be careful while reading the settlement letter because they might have any complexities in it.

Remember that once you have signed it, then you have no ways to return from your decision. Or you can’t change your mind.

Consult your lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is worth it. Because he has handled the same types of cases before and has the experience, he knows the complexities and the information which might turn obstacles into the path of your compensation. If you talk with ICBC lawyer Kelowna, he would suggest what information is essential to share and which isn’t. That would help you to get your claim. So don’t fight alone with the ICBC adjuster as he is more professional than you. Therefore you need support. Thus hiring a lawyer to get a proper direction would be the best support for you.

Final words

If you or any of your relatives face any car accident, then contact any lawyers to have a plan to handle the insurance company. A skilled lawyer would give you the proper direction to get the amount that you need. Neither you may lose the compensation. The lawyer would arrange your speech and information in the appropriate order. Then it will ease your dealing with the ICBC adjuster.

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