What does it really mean to be eligible for a rehab? The reason for someone to be admitted to a rehab is addiction to alcohol, drug or other harmful substances, but that’s about as precise a reason as other illnesses. The big difference is, other illnesses go away on their own or with little medical intervention, while addiction won’t. It is about a disease that is in many ways limiting the person’s ability to be a normal human being.

Inability to Function Normally

When a person becomes an addict in some way, the condition makes them stop functioning normally. Addiction is a highly unpleasant illness for those who are suffering from it. It won’t kill them instantly, instead make their condition worsen each and every day, in a slow pace. That makes it harder for them to walk, talk or do their job. Getting out of bed and going to work becomes an ordeal. Weekend activities that they once enjoyed and prized becomes a struggle. Living every day without knowing a way out of addiction becomes torture. And the hard truth is that harm the addiction causes will probably become worse with time.

Describing how people perceive addiction to alcohol and drugs and their tolerance to it is different from person to person. It is a sign that the person is unable to cope with the underlying conditions, such as stress, anxiety, fear, loss and much else. Keeping in mind that addiction is a reaction to something wrong with the person’s attitude or state of mind, it is necessary to figure out what is exactly causing the addiction. The answer to this illness lies in checkup by a doctor, therapist as well as admittance to a rehab center.

Unable to Bear Pain and Illnesses

Once the addict has undergone initial diagnosis and the cause figured out, their condition can be categorized as mild or severe depending on the time and extent of the treatment. Most addicts are admitted to rehab centers when their cases are severe and the treatment involves sober time. When someone has an addiction issue for a long period, just taking advice or medications will not fix everything. These addicts have very little ability to bear the pain and mental issues that is causing their downward spiral. A combined approach of treatment and rehab on the other hand will help their condition get better overall, ultimately achieving the desired result.

Things Getting Out of Control

What most people don’t understand is that a casual drink at a cocktail party can result in a prolonged addiction that the addict is unable to escape. Not everyone is prone to addiction, but a few are. When things go out of control, their health deteriorates, relationships suffer, they may lose their jobs and savings too. This creates a huge imbalance in life, and with time, they may lose life itself. The good news is, addiction can be fixed successfully, and the symptoms can be made to go away. And there is a cure that will serve as preventive, where the addict will not return to his or her old habits. Rehab centers like Panama City rehab can help put the “balance” back in these addicts and help them get rid of the pain they are feeling.

So, if you or your loved ones are addicted to something, it is time to get the needed help. It is time to help them heal, find relief and improve quality of life.

If we consider this matter practically and statistically, according to 2012 data from government agency SAMHSA, 16% of women reported smoking during pregnancy, 9% drank alcohol and 6% used illicit drugs, resulting in nearly 2 million babies that were exposed to substances in utero. The use of some substances during pregnancy, including opioids, has been steadily increasing in recent years. Therefore it is an ethical responsibility to guide the woman in these conditions for rehab before it makes a huge impact on society.

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