Technology is always changing, and plumbing continues to evolve with it. Over the last few years, one of the biggest innovations that has had people talking is the hands free kitchen faucet. This nifty invention has revolutionized how we use water in the home. More importantly, it has made life much easier and more convenient.

Simply put, a hands free faucet is an advanced tap that are designed to incorporate a specialized proximity sensor. This ensures that the faucetโ€™s valve opens up when it senses hand motion, and closes once no more movement is detected. Apart from convenience, hands free faucets area surefire way of increasing the value of your property. So, it is no wonder why the popularity of this humble plumbing fixture has been growing!

The hands free tap system is common in airports, public washrooms, and hotels. However, it is fast becoming an invaluable addition to homes. But, before deciding on the perfect automatic faucet, it is important to understand what to look for. If you have no idea where to start, the review at will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive instructional. Add to that some professional fitting and installation, and your upgrade to hands free faucets will be smooth and painless.

Are you still using old-school taps in your kitchen? Here are 3 reasons why switching to a hands free commercial kitchen faucet may be your best idea yet:

1. Become More Water and Energy Efficient

It is no secret that the more water and heat we use in our homes, the more money and energy we waste. However, the hands free kitchen faucet will help you cut these extra costs significantly. It does this by ensuring that water is used more efficiently within the home, helping to lower your water bill and eliminate wastage. This is especially important in a home with children, who are usually prone to leaving the tap running.

2. Curb Spread of Germs

The processes of cooking and handling raw food can easily spread germs and bacteria around the kitchen. Installing a hands free kitchen faucet can help curb this. Since you do not have to touch the faucet to open or close it, it may help to significantly reduce the chances of spreading harmful germs around the space. If protecting your family is the top priority, this faucet is the perfect choice for you.

3. Save Time

It is undeniable that the hands free faucet will make it much easier to clean up around the kitchen. Just think about it: while you are cooking, washing, or helping a messy child clean up, your faucet only grows more dirty. The automatic faucet system ensures that you can clean and tidy up fast, without creating an even bigger mess. It is also convenient and easy to use, especially for children and the elderly. This means that using the hands free kitchen tap will be fast, easy, and effortless for every member of your family.

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