Everyone is a storyteller. To some, it may come naturally, but to others, it may come as a struggle. But that does not mean that it can’t be practised. This is exactly why creative writing should be encouraged to children as it is the key to showcasing their creativity and better expressing themselves. It is more than just a subject that is taught in school. Creative writing helps children in their day to day lives as it improves how they perceive the world around them and even widens their understanding of different subjects.

Here are three reasons to encourage your kids to learn creative writing.

1. It jump-starts their creativity

When kids study creative writing, they get to be introduced into different exciting topics. This will stimulate children’s imagination and jumpstart their creativity. Teachers would provide writing prompts that will let them write a specific topic in their own creative way. For example, these topics would often include describing their favourite place, favourite book, or movie. Sometimes, it could also be writing about scenarios like imagining being in a place or an event. This exercise can bring back the fun in writing instead of just plain topics. Effective tips by writingsamurai.com is also a great resource for your child. Your child will be able to practice their writing skills, find their own writing style, and be as creative as possible with how they want to write their story. When they grow older, this is a skill they can definitely use when they apply for work.

2. It will encourage your kids to keep writing

Writing skills is very important and it is something that you can use for school, work, and other aspects in your life. When you encourage your kids to learn creative writing as early as possible, it will develop their writing skills as they will most likely to keep on writing. Creative writing classes will also encourage your kids to start writing freely and learn the importance of self-expression. This may lead them to keep a journal and perhaps explore other types of writing in the future. When you give your kids the freedom to explore their own interests and help them find their own voice, they will develop this love for writing with them wherever they go. It’s not just a good exercise for their minds, but it will also improve their communication and language skills.

3. It will boost their self-esteem and confidence

Since creative writing provides a great avenue for kids to better express themselves, they become more confident with whatever they do in life. Creative writing allows your kids to develop their voice or opinion and use this opportunity to assert themselves. These strengthen their self-confidence whether they are at school or wherever they are. This also allows them to better connect with other children as they can better express themselves. If you want your children to have better confidence in themselves, encourage your children to write more – and write creatively.