Outdoor pursuits are as popular as ever and activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing etc are the source of much of the nations favourite leisure pursuits but safety and survival are key considerations when engaging in any outdoor pursuit. It is essential to ensure you are educated and informed on good practice and survival techniques but also we feel that in addition to this good advice then you would be best to ensure you take advantage of advances in technology and we are looking at 3 of our favourites in this article.

EDC outdoor wallets

Ever Day Carry (or EDC for short) wallets are becoming more and more popular, these great little items combine a wallet with a multi-tool essentially in a handy and tightly packed unit. They contain such survival items as knives, compasses, paracords and some even have really techy bonuses such as RFID protection and trackers used in conjunction with a smart-phone app. To get a thorough comparison of the pros and cons of the best EDC wallets on the market check out this guide from My Best Wallets and you can see what is on offer.

Fast-dry clothing

A sure way of getting yourself into even more trouble quickly if you are in trouble during an outdoor expedition is getting wet and for this reason having the best clothing available that’s durable and fast drying is of the utmost importance. Firstly ensure all your gear is manufactured using appropriate materials, this means no cotton whatsoever and rather buy gear made of Merino wool or synthetic fibres and this goes for base layers as well as sweat can saturate even a part-cotton garment and help hypothermia set in by rapidly cooling the body. Be sure to have a decent set of waterproofs as well because in addition to fast drying and high wicking fabrics the best way to avoid getting in trouble is to avoid getting wet in the first place, but be sure to get highly breathable garments as again if your waterproofs do not allow moisture to escape you will be in trouble again. Try to choose garments that are appropriate to the activity you are engaging in and check the breathability against the waterproofness of the clothing.

Night Vision Glasses (not goggles)

Night vision glasses are very different to night vision goggles and are designed to reduce the brightness from glare coming from artificial light sources, this will allow the wearer to better distinguish objects that would have otherwise been difficult to see. Many users can enjoy clear vision when driving, hiking or cycling at night which really helps keep them safe and out of harms way.

Stay Safe & Plan Ahead

Overall in addition to the technology mentioned in the article we advise you to carefully plan any outdoor pursuits and especially if you are new to these type of activities. Stay safe and work within your limits and you will enjoy a great range of outdoor activities for many years to come.

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