From infidelity to financial issues to personal disagreements, there are many reasons why a married couple might want to get divorced.

Most of the time, itโ€™s more than one factor that contributes to a coupleโ€™s desire for legal separation. Over time, more and more things crop up until, eventually, one or both partners have had enough.

Sometimes, couples will try to get through their differences. They recognize that the relationship isnโ€™t going well and they actively try to improve things. This works for many couples who are able to stay together, despite their previous difficulties.

But for others, divorce is the only option. When couples feel like they have given their all and have seen no improvements in their relationship, they decide to end their marriage.

Ending a marriage requires a divorce lawyer. If you have decided that itโ€™s time to split up with your partner, see the Tina Sharma website to find a divorce attorney.

Here are three of the most common reasons why married couples get divorced. Itโ€™s important to note that most of these reasons overlap and they are not mutually exclusive most of the time.


There are different types of infidelity, with romantic infidelity (adultery) being one of the primary reasons for legal divorce. After a sexual affair, very few people are able to gain back the trust of their partner so the marriage ends.

Most of the time, affairs happen as a result of other pre-existing problems in the relationship. For example, if one partner feels that their sexual needs are not being met or they feel unloved by their spouse, they may seek satisfaction somewhere else.

Depending on the state, this behavior may or may not be grounds for divorce. In Virginia, adultery is considered a fault-based ground for divorce. However, proving adultery in court can be difficult and expensive, and therefore, hiring a skilled divorce lawyer experienced in Virginia divorce law is highly recommended. Not only will they help gather evidence, but they can also advise on the best course of action for a successful divorce settlement.

Lack of Communication

Communication is a vital component in any area of life, including in the workplace and in any successful marriage. It keeps couples connected and enables them to share their needs and wants.

When communication begins to fall by the wayside, it can lead to a lack of trust, frustration, and resentment. Poor communication also causes arguments that can quickly turn nasty and can go unresolved for days or even weeks.

Over time, a failure to properly connect can cause couples to feel isolated from each other. Disagreements and conflicts arise, which eventually leads to the breakdown of the marriage.


People can grow apart over time and this leads to incompatibility in the marriage. That well-used phrase of โ€˜we grew apartโ€™ is often cited as the main reason for a coupleโ€™s divorce.

Incompatibility can relate to a range of different factors, including a lack of physical intimacy or emotional connection, differing religious or political views, or limited shared values. It may manifest as differences in opinion and continuous bickering or it might lead to feelings of rejection in the bedroom.

While itโ€™s great to celebrate differences and share unique opinions, there must be some areas of overlap between couples. Whether they share the same passions or values, there should be some common ground to prevent feelings of incompatibility.

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