You might think you are ready to embark on your backpacking journey after endlessly researching through the realms of the World Wide Web but do not forget there is never enough that you can know about backpacking.

So, ditch the essentials that state nothing but the obvious, look through these three important facts that you seldom hear about but need to pay attention to for a safe and fun-filled backpacking adventure.

Mother Nature Is Not All That Kind

Everyone knows the number one rule of packing resources for backpacking: travel light, travel wisely. But what is it all that is in this stance?

Pack All Medication You Can Think Of

Regardless of how safe you are during backpacking, there is always uncertainty when wandering through nature. For this very reason and more, pack all the medication you can think of, from antiseptics, cough drops to painkillers, and even diarrhea pills, as you never know what might come in handy in a challenging situation.

Skip The Fancy Clothing, Please!

Everyone loves to look their best but trust us that no one is watching you in the wild but mother nature, who might not be very kind when seeing you exploring in your fancy sneakers. After all, it is backpacking, for crying out loud!

Instead, opt for packing clothes that you can group into layers for minimal quantity and maximum utility, such as:

  • Nylon material clothing.
  • Clothing with high insulation.
  • A lightweight fleece jacket and gloves.
  • Waterproof vests, pants, and jackets.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Backpacking does not have to mean cold food straight out of the cans. If you own a small-sized single-burner camp stove, that is all you need to keep your fuel up. As mentioned at, you should also opt for a reliable water source, like an ultralight, leak-proof, portable hydration bladder, to keep purified water with you at all times.

Let Go of Towels And Other Similar Materials

There is nothing worse than having a wet towel in your backpack that refuses to dry out in the woods. Either ditch such materials entirely or carry a few plastic bags with you to separate wet items.

Things Can Go Out Of Control Quickly: Plan Ahead Of Time

Love spontaneous trips? Good for you! Unfortunately, backpacking should not be one of those trips. You need to plan way ahead of time to make sure that you can truly enjoy your trip without the stress of things going wrong. 

First off, if you are backpacking to an entirely different region than your hometown or perhaps another country, it is advisable to brush up on the cultural basics of the places you wish to explore. There is nothing more admirable than respecting other people’s culture and customs. Be sure to do a little research before hitting the road so that you do not unwantedly offend anyone in any way. In fact, chatting with locals can be a great way to discover hidden gems, or even make lifelong friends.

Next, familiarize yourself with public toilets, as you might be encountering them more than usual during your backpacking escapade. Whether you are hiking through the deep woods or strolling about the cities, you do not want to be in a situation where there is nowhere to go. Also, do not forget to take your toiletries with you. 

Most importantly, plan out your route through avid research. Identify areas you wish to visit before your trip and establish safety points. If you are traveling with friends and family and anyone accompanying you strays away, you know where to find each other.

TIP: Do not forget to notify at least one or two close friends or family members who will not be accompanying you on your trip regarding your travel plans, so if need be, they can reach you without any struggle.

It Is Incredibly Easy To Get Lost: Download Offline Maps Before Your Trip

Contrary to popular belief, whether you are in cities around people or isolated in the woods, it is very easy to get lost. Hence, you must download offline maps before you start your backpacking voyage. That will not only help you navigate your way through your trip but will be useful in rerouting destinations. Google Maps is one of the top navigation applications offering free offline map downloads and is available for install on both iOS and Android.

And that is about it. These were some of the lesser-known facts that can be extremely handy in drafting a fun, adventurous backpacking trip. You are now all set to board on your long-awaited journey with little to no stress weighing you down.

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