While itโ€™s no secret that drinking water is a vital part of staying healthy, research shows that the average adult does not drink enough water each day. If you find yourself having a difficult time remembering to drink water and are constantly feeling the negative effects of dehydration, you arenโ€™t alone. The average person should aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, but the truth is that doing so can be quite difficult. If you are having a hard time staying hydrated, here are a few helpful tips for remembering and staying motivated to drink enough water throughout the day.

Keep Water On Hand

The first step to drinking more water is having water on hand to drink! Investing in a high-quality water bottle and carrying it with you everywhere will ensure that you always have water nearby – plus spending a decent amount of money on a nice water bottle might motivate you to drink more, as you will want to get your money’s worth. High-quality bottles from brands like Hyroflask and Yeti are made of stainless steel and can keep your water cold throughout a long day, even while spending time in the hot sun. Aim for a 32-64 oz bottle, and refill it as needed throughout the day. The most important thing is to remember to take it with you everywhere, whether youโ€™re attending classes or working as a hospital scribe.

Set Reminders

If you are carrying water with you throughout the day but still find that you arenโ€™t remembering to drink it as often as you need to, setting reminders can be helpful. Aim for a reminder once to twice per hour to remember you to sip! Helpful apps like Plant Nanny can remind you to drink water and track the amount you drink throughout the day in a cute, friendly way that might be more enjoyable than a typical timer.

Compete With Peers

An unconventional yet highly effective way to encourage yourself to drink more water throughout the day is by having a friendly competition with your friends or co-workers to see who can consume more water. Set a water goal for the day or for the entire week and track your progress to see how your drinking habits compare to others and offer prizes for the person who can drink the most.

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