Technology has become more innovative and mainstream than ever before. We’ve got hosted call centers like Votacall, electric cars that are working to reduce toxic emissions, and more ways to stay entertained than we know what to do with.

One of those ways to stay entertained is through gaming, which has come a long way since the days of Pong. However, some people have yet to try their hand at gaming, aside from the occasional mobile game. There are several popular games that require little fluency with a controller that they could start playing today, even if they’re just a beginner!


As one of the most popular games in the world, you’ve likely heard of Minecraft even if you’ve never played it before. The game’s controls are relatively simple and the objective is even more so: mine and craft. There’s no way to win or lose in Minecraft, and instead, you make your own objectives by using an ax, shovel, or pickaxe to obtain materials that you can then use to build anything your imagination can think of. You might alternatively choose just to tame a horse, build a boat, or stock up on food and explore the land and sea as far as you possibly can—just remember to bring a map with you.

Because there’s no way to win or lose, you can disable enemies if you choose, and the number of fun hinges on your level of imagination, it’s the perfect game for beginners with low skill levels.

Telltale Games

Sometimes it can be easier for beginner gamers to simply get used to using a controller rather than mastering a fast-paced shooter or platformer, and that’s exactly why the Telltale games are such great beginner titles. The studio’s games revolve entirely around dialogue choices and the branching paths that follow.

Their most popular titles include The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Batman: The Enemy Within, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more. Folks that just want to enjoy a story and worry about pressing a few buttons can easily enjoy these games.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys recently became free-to-play for console owners and gamers have been having a great time with it. The premise is similar to game shows like Wipeout, where several players will compete against each other as they navigate obstacle courses until only one player is left.

While there is still a small amount of skill involved, the basic controls make the game very easy to learn. With only the options to run, jump, dive, and grab, anybody can learn to play!

Available to All!

These games can be played by virtually anyone, even if you’ve never played a video game before in your life. Not only that, but they’re fun, accessible, and will leave you wanting to try more games!

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