Cats are the second most popular pet in the world and probably the most beautiful. Cats have exquisite markings, luxurious coats and stunning eyes and breeders have been creating beautiful felines for many years, especially in the States.  Here are 3 cat breeds that originated in the USA.

Maine Coon

As the name suggests, Maine Coon cats originated in Maine, New England and is the official mammal of the state. It is also one of the most popular cat breeds in the USA.

Maine Coons are very large cats. In fact, the record holder for the longest cat in the world is a Maine Coon called Barivel. Barivel lives in Italy and measures 120cm from his head to the tip of his tail. Like all Maine Coons, he has a prominent ruff along his chest, a rectangular body shape, a robust bone structure and a beautiful two-layered coat with a spectacular bushy tail.

Because of their playful, easy-going, and loyal nature, Maine Coons are often described as having dog-like personalities. As well as being intelligent and gentle, they are visually magnificent and stunning to look at – so much so that their beauty has been immortalized in pieces of art such as those sold at and other specialist art and home decor websites.


These majestic-looking cats are the result of a mating between an African serval and a Siamese cat. They have intricate black markings on a golden coat that make them look like leopards and they have very large erect ears.

Savannahs are fiercely loyal to their human owners and will follow them around the house like puppies. However, they can be so loyal to one person that they might not take to kindly to strangers entering the household. This personality trait makes them similar to dogs, as does the fact that they like to have lots of exercise and playtime.  They do not sleep for hours on end like a lot of domesticated cats.


Ragdoll cats are an American breed of cat developed in the 1960s by a woman called Ann Baker. Although they look imposing with their large stature, they are very relaxed and docile. They acquired the name ragdoll as they are so laidback and easy-going that they look floppy like a fabric doll.

These beautiful cats have silky soft coats that need meticulous grooming. They usually have blue eyes, a pale-colored coat with darker markings around the face, tail and legs. Their coat colorings are very pretty, and showcase shades of blue, seal, lilac and chocolate.

American Curl

The American Curl is so-called because it has ears that curl backward. This unusual characteristic can be traced back to a stray cat that lived in the USA in 1981. The cat was called Shulatmith and he had curled ears which attracted the attention of a couple called Joe and Grace Ruga. Inspired by the catโ€™s unique beauty, breeders started a selective breeding program in 1983.

American Curls donโ€™t have a signature coloring. Their silky coats can be any color such as chocolate, brown, sable, fawn, blue, lavender, cinnamon, black, white, red or cream, and scattered with a variety of patterns.  These fabulous felines donโ€™t reach full maturity until 3 years of age so they retain their kitten energy and playfulness well into adulthood.


Balinese cats are similar to Siamese but have longer, silkier coats. The first Balinese cats appeared around the 1920s but were referred to as long-haired Siamese as they were just that – Siamese kittens that had grown longer hair due to a genetic mutation.  By the 1950s, breeders consciously bred long-haired Siamese cats and were told to rename them because breeders of pure Siamese cats objected to them being classed as pure Siamese. Helen Smith, an American breeder, gave them the name Balinese because the graceful gait of the cats reminded her of Balinese dancers.

The friendly and chatty nature of these cats makes them great family pets. they enjoy playing with toys and get along well with children and other animals. However, they are quite needy and donโ€™t like to be left alone for long periods.

Balinese cats donโ€™t have an undercoat so they donโ€™t need as much grooming as other long-haired cats. The majority of their coat is cream or white with various hues of color pointing such as red, grey, beige, tan, chocolate, sable, fawn and lilac. Balinese cats living in cool climates tend to be lighter in color than those living in warmer climates.

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