No matter if a strong wind is landing on your place or you are away for a long holiday abroad, if you have the best quality patio or garden chair covers, you can sit back and relax. Even when the cold is approaching and the time to sit under the open sky is over, chair covers come in handy. When you are not using your patio chairs and other pieces of furniture, quality covers will them protected from the elements. These covers play a crucial role in protecting your patio chairs as well as benches, tables from storms, rain, sleet, or snow.

According to an article published on BBC, rain damages your patio or garden plants considerably. Not just plants, a heavy downpour will damage your garden furniture too, and therefore, you need chair covers when not used. Here are three tips to keep them protected when you are away from home:

1. Cleaning is mandatory

You may not use your garden chairs and tables for months. Then, they will pick up dirt, moisture, dust, and debris even if the weather is fine. Therefore, you need to keep your expensive patio furniture protected by using the best quality covers. This way, you can cover not only your outdoor chairs but also other furniture items until you return from your vacation or until the time spring sets in after cold winter months.

You will also need to clean your chair covers with water and soap so that they are dust-free and spotless, ready for use during spring and summer. It means that you need to look for outdoor chair covers that are machine washable easily.

2. Cover your outdoor chairs fully covered

You know now that garden furniture covers provide the best protection to your expensive outdoor chairs, sofas, and tables. If you have covers made of canvas, polyester, or vinyl, these materials ensure UV and water protection to your sophisticated garden furniture. Therefore, you need to shop for outdoor furniture covers with appropriate buckles so that they keep to the furniture even when a strong wind is raging outside. Best quality covers will keep your expensive patio chairs safe from dirt, dust, water, and other environmental elements.

3. Store your outdoor chairs with covers safely

When you are away from your home and garden for a beach vacation for many months, cover all patio chairs and other pieces of furniture, and store them safely inside until you return. You can store it in your garage, shed, and even at some public storage facility.

Before you lock your home for a three monthsโ€™ vacation, use wooden boards to keep all garden chairs and tables above the ground. You have covers, but wooden boards will ensure more protection to keep your outdoor furniture safe from dirt and moisture. While you are vacationing on the beach, a heavy downpour or snowfall will damage your garden furniture if the water flows into your shed or garage.


Try these tips and tricks to keep your outdoor chair and furniture protected from rain, shine, and snow. It will ensure protection to all your furniture until you return home.

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