If you bake a lot and you use parchment paper more often. Then you need to know these places where you can buy parchment paper. I will share 3 online stores where you will find a vast range of parchment papers for almost every task.

Parchment paper is a very useful tool for bakers. It makes baking a lot easier. It is non-stick, grease-proof, and heat-proof. You can use it in the oven at up to 450F. Parchment paper can help you to get rid of sticky baking pans or sheets. You can use it in lining baking pans. There are also many uses of parchment paper. It can also be used as a piping bag, in stemming food, covering countertops, and many more.

You may have a different opinion but these are my best online stores to buy top parchment papers. The prices of online stores may vary in local stores. But you know people are more likely to shop from rather than putting shirts and pants and go outside. You can also get offers and coupons on online stores so you can save more. And almost all of the popular brands of parchment paper can be found in these online stores.


The largest online store of the time. You can find almost anything on Amazon from grocery to car parts. They have good customer service. For the prime members, they can get even same-day delivery. Amazon has a large section of the pantry. Here you can get a large variety of grocery items.

You can get top brands of parchment paper like Reynolds Kitchen, If You Care, Beyond Gourmet, Kirkland Signature, and more. Amazon Stock nearly every kind of parchment paper like rolls, pre-cut, rounds, and more. Some parchment papers on Amazon have more than thousands of reviews by customers. And the customers look satisfied with their shopping. And they have easy return policies so that if there’s an issue you can return the product and get your money back.


Walmart is one of the top American retail stores. They have more than ten thousand stores worldwide. They are also popular in online shopping. In the USA Walmart is behind Amazon. Amazon surpasses Walmart as the world’s largest retailer also.

Walmart has a good range of parchment baking paper on their list. You can buy from them they are providing good customer support. They are also in the business for a long time. You can get free two-day delivery on shopping over $35 without any membership fee. You can get popular brands on Walmart like Reynolds Kitchen, Beyond Gourmet, Kirkland Signature, and more. Walmart stocks parchment paper rolls, pre-cut, and rounds. It’s a good option to buy parchment paper online.


Target is also a largely known American retail. They are considered the 8th-largest retailer in the USA. They have over 1800 stores. They may not be large as Amazon or Walmart but they have good customer support and many people use Target for online shopping.

Target has free 2-days shipping on orders over $35 or you must use RedCard. Target Redcard offers 5% savings with other benefits. Target has a good variety of parchment papers on their online store. You can popular parchment paper brands like Reynolds Kitchen, PaperChef, If You Care, and more on Target. They stock parchment paper in different shapes like pre-cut, rolls, cups, and more. The parchment papers on Target also have good reviews. It is also a good option that you should consider.

I hope these top online stores will not disappoint you while buying parchment paper. So, which online store will you prefer to buying parchment paper? Do you any better options to share? Let me know in the comment section below.

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