1. Don`t take a massive bank loan to throw a big wedding to impress relatives that you see only once a year.
  2. Don`t complain about your life to everyone all the time. After some time if you are repeatedly complaining about the same problem – guess what – YOU are the problem
  3. Figure out what you want to do WITH your life.
  4. Define your values and principles early in your life and navigate your life accordingly.
  5. Do what feels right to you in your heart. Sometimes it’s hard making this choice, but it’s always worth it.
  6. Know the difference between means goals and end goals. SMART Goal system is ridiculous. If you want to know a goal system that works check this link here.
  7. Adopt a minimalistic lifestyle – Quality vs Quantity.  At some point, you will realize that buying more things does nothing to your soul.
  8. Everyone goes through life experiences and learns from them at different levels. Do not judge them for it and be kind. Always remember, “Thou Shall Not Judge Because Thou Has Screwed up before Too”.
  9. Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes. No matter how many books you read, you will keep making mistakes, that’s how you learn.
  10. Self-Love will remove a lot of problems in your life.
  11. Be clear on how you want to spend your time every single day.
  12. Meditate.
  13. Exercise and eat well.
  14. Let the work that you do speak for itself.
  15. Always keep learning and growing. As Tony Robbins says “Raise Your Standards”.
  16. “You Digital life is as important as your physical Health” – Cal Newport.
  17. Your overpriced degrees will never teach you how to do business or how to have a meaningful life.
  18. Always read good books and keep learning.
  19. Respect the wisdom that comes with age and learn from it.
  20. Flow with a Good Vibe and you will attract Good Vibes.

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