One of the most overlooked components in a bathroom remodel is the flooring material. As you elevate your bathroom design and add value to your home, work with one of these top 10 materials for your bathroom floor recommended by Santa Barbara interior designers.

1. Vinyl Planking

Choose a flooring option that isnโ€™t uncomfortably cold or damaged by water. Vinyl planking can mimic hardwood or ceramic and is an affordable, hardy option for quickly improving the look and functionality of your bathroom floor.

2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

While typical hardwood isnโ€™t recommended for bathrooms and other damp environments, engineered hardwood uses a manufactured wood base to create a more rigid, durable structure. This makes it a popular option for designers who want to incorporate the natural warmth of wood into a bathroom design.

3. Ceramic Tile

The most affordable tile option is ceramic tile. These rugged tiles are naturally water resistant and long-lasting. Of course, a tile floor tends to be slippery, cool and more costly than other materials. Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so they can create a truly unique floor.

4. Stone Tile

Stone tiles balance a natural look with the rugged, water-resistance of tile. This is a particularly excellent option if you have quartz or marble countertops in your bathroom. Look for a variety of natural colors to achieve your design goals with stone tiles.

5. Glass Tile

Some of the best interior designers can achieve a stunning look in a bathroom with glass tiles. These beautiful tiles can create a stunning mosaic. Be sure to keep your floors clean if you choose glass tiles, as these small, fragile tiles can be scratched or become dull easily.

6. Concrete

Nothing can compare with concrete in terms of durability and water resistance. While concrete hasnโ€™t been a typical finishing option, modern designers are using polished concrete for a smooth, modern or industrial look. Use radiant heating to keep your concrete floors nice and warm all year.

7. Cork Flooring

An unusual and iconic look for a bathroom remodel is cork flooring. Cork flooring is full of character and vibrance, but is particularly susceptible to moisture damage. Use a water-resistant coating to balance this beautiful look with practical moisture resistance.

8. Bamboo Flooring

Another beautiful, warm option is bamboo. Look for engineered bamboo flooring to balance long-lasting protection and a bright, natural flooring option.

9. Linoleum

While linoleum has been an old standby for inexpensive, water-resistant bathroom flooring, modern linoleum styles create a stunning look. Choose linoleum to save on material and installation costs while still enjoying a bold, unique design.

10. Laminate

Similar to vinyl planking and engineered hardwood, laminate balances the warmth of wood with water-resistant layers of resin and other coatings. Most laminate looks strikingly similar to hardwood, while other designs mimic the look and texture of tile.

Discuss your dream bathroom designs with leading designers to enjoy interior design services in Los Angeles. Compare each bathroom flooring option to discover how you can create an elegant, unforgettable bathroom design that matches your current interior design and pulls every element together.

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