There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in Florida’s booming metropolis of Fort Lauderdale, due to which pedestrian accidents happen frequently, resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities. Speaking with a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible is crucial to understanding the legal process and claiming the compensation you deserve. In this post, we’ll discuss the 10 important questions to ask a pedestrian accident lawyer.

10 Important Questions to Ask a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

1. What training and expertise does a pedestrian accident attorney possess?

It’s crucial to understand a pedestrian accident lawyer’s credentials and experience in this area of law by asking them about their training and skills. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer ought to hold a law degree and be admitted to the bar in their state.

2. How long have you been involved in the field of personal injury law?

To learn more about an attorney’s background and track record, ask about how long they have been working in the field of personal injury law.

3. What proportion of your cases include pedestrian accident cases?

When speaking with a pedestrian accident lawyer, this question will help to inquire about their previous cases. Look for a legal representative who specializes in managing pedestrian accident claims and devotes a sizable portion of their practice to this area of the law.

4. Who will be responsible for daily case management?

It’s crucial to ask this question to your attorney since the person you are speaking with might not handle your case. It is better to know who is going to handle your case and get to know them. Evaluating them is necessary before hiring them.

5. How can you remember all the significant deadlines and dates in my case?

Speaking with a pedestrian accident lawyer about how they keep track of deadlines and significant dates in your case is vital, as filing deadlines and hearing dates should be tracked by an experienced attorney.

6. How frequently will you provide me with case updates?

To ensure you are updated on the status of your case, it is crucial to find out from a pedestrian accident attorney how regularly they will offer case updates.

7. How can I contact you if I have any inquiries or problems?

Asking your pedestrian accident lawyer about how you may get in touch with them if you have any questions or issues is crucial to making sure you know exactly how to do so. Clients should be able to contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney via various means.

8. How many pedestrian accident cases have you successfully won at trial?

You may learn more about a pedestrian accident attorney’s experience and track record of success in the courts by asking how many pedestrian accident cases they have successfully won at trial.

9. What is your track record when it comes to settling pedestrian accident claims?

Asking a pedestrian accident lawyer about their experience handling pedestrian accident cases might provide insight into their ability to win compensation for their clients.

10. How much will you charge me to handle my pedestrian accident case?

Make sure you understand the costs of the case by asking a pedestrian accident attorney about their fees and rates.


When dealing with a pedestrian accident, consulting a pedestrian accident lawyer is crucial. By asking them these essential questions, you can evaluate the lawyer’s credentials and expertise and decide if they fit you best. Throughout the process, keep in mind to give communication and openness top priority.

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