Wall stickers โ€“ they’ve quickly become our favorite thing in the world. There is just something especially charming about adding wall stickers to any place you spend a lot of time in.

They’re fun, they’re very cheap, and they’re a great way to liven up the place. And what better place to liven up, than your workspace?

Let’s face the facts; workspaces are more often than not, really dull! No one likes going to work, even if you love the work you’re doing. When you’re doing anything for too long, it tends to turn from a passion into a habit.

Adding a little personal touch to your workspace is an essential tool to make sure you’re always starting your new project on a new, beautiful, clean page!

Of course, if you’re thinking of enhancing your whole workspace, you should discuss it with management. You don’t want to overstep any boundaries, as that can get you in a lot of trouble! But if you’re your boss or have the green light to improve your workspace, then anything goes. 

We’ve collected ten different fun stickers to help you improve your workspace, so let’s get to the list!

Personalized Wall Stickers

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There is nothing quite like a customized wall sticker. You can completely customize every single aspect of your decal. Labels are a great tool to enhance your brand or give your office space a personal touch.

If you’re a business owner, you can also benefit strongly from this. Stickers allow you to optimize your office fully and will give your employees a professional feel. You can make this anything you like; company logo, motivational message, or even an inside joke if you want!

If you’re having some issues with getting your image done right and optimized for the wall sticker, perhaps you should consider utilizing the services of a Graphic Design Company. A Graphic Design Company will help you turn your drawing into a fully-fledged and adapted wall sticker! 

You need not worry about any formatting, sizing, and similar issues when you’re working with a Graphic Design Company. They do the work for you! All you need to do is contact the manufacturer of the sticker. Arrange a size, color, and it’s all set in motion.

Fantastic office space, here we come!

Teamwork Vinyl

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There is nothing quite as important to a business as proper cooperation โ€” why not say it through a fun wall sticker?

This motivational teamwork sticker is an excellent centerpiece of any office and is sure to help your employees stay on track. It’s also a super way to break the monotony of bland, draft walls. 

Since this product is of high quality, you can apply it to any surface. You don’t have to stick with walls; you can go for mirrors, doors, cubicle walls. Anything is fair game when thereโ€™s proper teamwork.

Office Rules

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An office without rules is an office of anarchy. But, an office without any fun is an office of boredom! Why not kill two birds with one stone through this fun little wall sticker?

This sticker establishes some ground office rules, and while some might be jokes, others are important! You don’t want anyone slacking, but you don’t want your employees to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable employees make for some lousy work.

Putting this sticker up is an excellent reminder of some of the ground rules, while still being a fun and creative addition to your office space. 

Einstein Quote

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While Einstein might have been a science genius, he is no match for your wild imagination. You can’t go wrong with quoting such a mind. This wall sticker boasts a quote from one of the most significant scientists in the history of humanity.

Itโ€™s sure to inspire all your employees to do the best work they can, and itโ€™s an excellent centerpiece of any office. 

This wall sticker is devilishly simple to put up, and when you get bored of it, you can remove it for another quote without damaging the surface. 

Success Is a Decision

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Let’s face the facts. People don’t work because it’s the most exciting thing in the world. People work hard to make a lot of money, and sometimes the journey can be pretty tough.

Reminding your office employees what they’re working for is essential. Financial state is not a state, its a mindset. Success is a decision they made when they chose to work for you.

You need to treat your employees like human beings and treat them right! Remind them that if they work hard, they’re going to achieve their dreams. And what better way to say it than through a neat wall sticker? 

Nobody Cares, Work Harder

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This sticker might not be the ideal choice if you’re going to enhance an office space where a lot of different people are working. You don’t want to come across as aggressive, and you don’t want to abuse your employees.

But if you’re working with likeminded people, and hard motivational quotes are agreed upon by everyone, you do you! Some people are best motivated by these kinds of quotes, as the harsh, active words are pretty inspiring.

If you want to use this in a bigger office space, we strongly advise you to consult with the rest of the workforce. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, or you’re going to have to expect a call from HR in record time. 

Teamwork Puzzle

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While other stickers on this list might represent quotes, this one is a full-on wall decal image. Puzzles are a great representation of teamwork and effort, and they work great for motivating your employees.

Motivation is one of the most important aspects of good business practice, and you should do everything in your power to highlight it.

This sticker doesn’t only work great for your office, but for anywhere else as well. Itโ€™s an excellent addition to any nursery, office, or dorm room!ย 

You Got This

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This text has been chock full of motivation up until now, but this might be the most important one. You’ve got this is a quote that can motivate all your employees to improve their performance. 

These are the little things that matter in a business. People might not pay attention to details right off the bat, but having a comfortable, supportive, and firm workspace is essential in increasing productivity. 

Increasing your work output can sometimes be as easy and cheap as getting one of these fun little decals. 

Ability, Motivation, Attitude

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There are three different things that people need to consider when they’re approaching any work โ€” Ability, Motivation, and Attitude. All these things are defined and beautifully visually represented with this vinyl wall sticker.

This sticker is one mean addition to any office space โ€” a firm and structural vinyl sticker, which carries one strong message. 

This sticker also comes in two different colors, which is pretty neat. Since modern offices don’t feature prison-like white walls, the color option allows you to put it anywhere!

Machine Gears

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Looking for a creative wall sticker idea? Look no further! You’re not going to enhance a workplace with a wall sticker โ€” you’re oiling up the work-machine with some fun vinyl decals!

Why not remind your employees that they are all individual gears which work to support each other and accomplish a common goal. This sticker is not objectifying your employees; it’s giving them a visual representation of their critical role in your company.

Gears are a motivational and fun way to express yourself and compliment your employees along the way.

Get some of these great stickers and ramp up the enthusiasm in your office right now!

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