The high camper season has kicked off – interest in camping and RVs for rent is reaching its zenith, so it’s a good time to tell you a bit about caravanning accessories. We have already tested quite a few gadgets that are useful not only in the summer season and definitely make family vacations easier. Check out what you can’t miss in your camper in summer!

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Travel furniture

Invaluable when you feel like taking advantage of lazy relaxation in front of the camper or on the beach. In theory, you can just spread a blanket on the grass, but let’s agree – for a certain age, we are already longing for comfortable places to sit. We ourselves have found more than once that travel furniture is a must-have in an RV. They come in handy for eating outdoors, taking a siesta and reading a book, and even for evening gatherings with friends. When choosing touring chairs for an RV, it is worth paying attention first of all to the convenience of storage and the suitability of the materials for touring. Here, a good example will be Izabella brand chairs, upholstered with a mixture of PVC and polyester material, so they remain stain-resistant and do not absorb water. Such chairs can be easily rolled up and stored in the trunk of the camper. For those who like maximum comfort, we recommend the Isabella chair + footrest set.

Of course, on camping trips tables are also useful. Here it is worth paying attention to, especially to the weight of the furniture. The table should be lightweight, so as not to add kilograms to the allowable total weight. Isabella tables weigh only 5.3 kg, so they will certainly not be a heavy burden when traveling.

Grills for an RV

Summer is inextricably linked with barbecues. Those who like to go on longer trips in an RV don’t have to give up this enjoyable summer activity at all. Thanks to portable gas grills, you can organize a tasty afternoon meal wherever you go.

How to choose a grill for camping? Campers often opt for gas grills, due to the fact that campers use gas cylinders anyway. If you are interested in a particular model, for example, we recommend the Cadac Citi Chef 40 Grill, a small, handy grill that can be easily placed on a cabinet or table. The Cadac Citi Chef is one of our favorite models because of its compact size and versatility. The grill set also comes with a stand on which you can place a pizza stone or paella pan, for example. It’s a good option for people who appreciate a variety of cuisine also during trips.

The second grill worth appreciating is the Dometic gas grill with 3 burners – ideal for families or a traveling pack of friends together. The large gas grill is convenient to use and, importantly, will save you from laborious cleanup. Here you can forget about spilling ashes or flipping meat in the company of suffocating smoke. The gas grill provides maximum comfort in preparing meals, which, by the way, qualitatively do not deviate in any way from those prepared on traditional grills.

Thermal bag for vacation

If you enjoy day trips, relaxing on the beach, or kayaking, you should definitely think about buying a thermal bag. It’s the perfect way to store cool drinks or sandwiches, for example, without worrying about them spoiling from the high temperature. Thermal bags are perfect for various summer activities. We recommend the larger ones to hold drinks and food for the whole family. A good example is the Isabella thermal bag. It is the number one choice for vacations with the whole family!

Bike racks

In summer we most often use two wheels, because the weather just begs us to leave the car and go on a trip to the countryside on a bicycle! If you also like to take your bikes on the road, take care of good bike racks – this is a guarantee of safety on the road. It’s a good idea if the racks fit individual camper models. We recommend Thule bike racks, which are indispensable for carrying more (three, or four) bikes.

When ordering racks, you should not forget about accessories, especially the covers. They will come in handy on rainy days, as they effectively protect bicycles from rust. In addition, if you often travel in Europe, pay attention to the rules of transportation on bicycles. Some countries require special warning signs on bicycle racks; Italy, in particular, has such laws.

Portable camping washing machine

Let’s agree, summer activities definitely favor more frequent laundry. If you don’t want to pay for the use of camping washing machines every time, and you’re going on a trip with the whole family, consider buying a portable washing machine. This small device allows you to wash up to 1.5 kg of laundry at a time. A small washing machine is ideal, especially for children, who can dirty clothes at an express pace. A 260W portable camping washing machine is waiting for you in our store. To use it freely, you just need to use ordinary tap water and standard washing powder.

Portable shower

This is another gadget that happens to be indispensable in summer! Although in new campers or trailers the whole family can easily use the daily shower, you know – sometimes you need to rinse your body quickly after a stay at the beach, for example, and even before getting into the vehicle. A portable shower in front of the camper is also useful for a quick rinse of the hands, washing touring furniture, dusty bikes, or pets after a day’s fun. Check out our portable shower with a capacity of 20 liters.

Portable solar panels

Don’t want or can’t install solar panels in your RV permanently? Opt for a mobile solar panel! With it, you will replenish the necessary electricity and be able to freely use all the equipment available in the camper. Importantly, mobile solar panels are equipped with support that helps to position the panel in the right position. This ensures that the photovoltaics catch enough of the sun’s rays and remain as efficient as possible at all times.

Awnings, tents, and side panels for camping

Awnings are especially useful for people who like to stay in one place for several days and care about creating a homey atmosphere around the camper. Under the awning, you can easily set up armchairs, a table, a blanket with toys, or a bowl for the dog. Awnings and wall panels provide protection from the sun’s rays, in addition to creating a sphere of privacy. If you’re concerned about separating yourself from your neighbors, use panels with sides.

If you need additional storage space for bicycles or toys, you may also find utility tents or bus vestibules useful.

Water sports accessories

For a change, something for pleasure – water sports! Traveling to lakes or seasides is conducive to enjoying such activities as wakeboarding. If you dream of embarking on an adventure with a water frenzy, you can take care of the necessary equipment right away while completing your camping accessories. In online stores, you will find a large assortment of water sports, including wakeboards, water skis, bananas, and much more. You can also buy safety accessories such as life jackets, goggles, heavy-duty tow ropes, and more.

Convenient camping utensils

Finally, a little addition that makes your morning coffee twice as delicious – enamel mugs! They’re perfect for camping, so we hope every camper should have them! Enameled mugs can be used in an RV, but are worth taking with you on longer trips as well. For example, if you plan to spend all day at the beach, throw a mug in your bag and take a thermos of drinks with you. It’s a handy alternative to classic ceramics – in our opinion, enamel mugs are simply indispensable on any trip!

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