Amazing Feeding Techniques Shown By Animals!!! 

Amazing Feeding Techniques Shown By Animals!!! 
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Animals use different strategies to obtain food. Each animal has adopted a method to feed on various kinds of food. These are some amazing techniques that animals show which will definitely surprise you!

Leaf cutter antsLeaf cutter ants

Some animals modify their food supply. Some ants (leaf cutter ants) grow fungus inside their colonies to survive the harsh conditions when food is scarce.?
Also some Limpets put mucus on the rocks that they live in, so that algae which is their food source will grow on it.

Egyptian vultures

Egyptian vultures
Not only are the humans capable of using tools. Animals too have developed the ability to use tools. Egyptian vultures drop rocks on ostrich eggs to break the hard shell.

Chimpanzee using a stick

Chimpanzee using a stick

Some chimpanzees use sticks to probe into termite mounds. They suck off the termites adhered to the stick.??And some capuchins use stone hammers and anvils to crack nuts and encased seeds. They keep the nut on the flat stone and crack it using a small pointed stone.



Canopy feeding of black heronCanopy feeding of black heron

Some bird species have adopted amazing and tricky hunting techniques. The Black heron uses its wonderful wings to form an umbrella around itself. One purpose is being that they can see the fish better in shade and the second reason is this. When the fishes are scared, they go and hide in the “shade” which is created by the heron itself. This method is called the “canopy feeding”. This is a pretty amazing technique. All you have to do is sit around and wait for the dinner to come straight at you.Some Grey herons put bread crumbs to the water as bait to lure the fish and quickly feed on the fishes who get fooled by this method.

Bottlenose dolphinsBottlenose dolphins

Cooperative feeding is observed in both animals living in groups and in solitary. Bottlenose dolphins are seen using this technique. This involves a pod working as a unit to get the school of fish to curl up into a tight ball. Then the dolphins will take turns to rush though and plow the center of that ball, eating all they can in the process. The fishes are stunned, so that they are easier to get caught by this way. Some dolphins are being seen driving prey into the muddy banks, So that they can easily access them.?Flock feeding technique is shown by birds living in different strata of Sinharaja forest of Sri Lanka. Birds that are at the different strata fly across the forest at the same time. So that the small insects will get dropped off to the ground through the strata. The birds at the other levels will feed on the insects that get dropped down. This technique is adopted by birds living in dense forests and it is an act where different bird species work together.

Sea otter using a stone to crack shells Sea otter using a stone to crack shells

?Sea otters most commonly use stones as anvils. Hard prey items can be pounded against the anvil to create cracks and facilitate access to flesh. Also otters commonly wrap crabs in strands of kelp to immobilize them and leave the wrapped crabs on the chest while the otter eats other kinds of collected prey from the ocean bottom.

Yasara De Mel
Hey! I’m Yasara de Mel from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’m a Science undergraduate at the Open University of Sri Lanka majoring in Zoology. As an individual with a desire to help animals from very young age, I have always wanted to learn about the world of animals. My ultimate goal is to be a voice to the voiceless and conserve nature in the process. I love sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested in this Zoology because it’s a field which is full of mysteries and interesting facts. I finally found a place where I could share my knowledge with not just few people but the world! I got to know about Nerdynaut through a friend at our university. This platform is ideal for young students like us who are eager to learn and share our knowledge. I thank Nerdynaut for bringing our inner hidden talents to be used for the sake of future goodness.
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1 Comment

  1. Upeksha Niwardana

    October 9, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    Hi Yasara,
    You have done great!
    The way you writing is interesting..short and sweet 🙂 also the method that you illustrate the fact 🙂
    Keep it up!
    Hope you will do it better in future.
    All the Best!

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