These days, we can say that the amount of games bookmakers offer is bigger than ever. However, many feel overflowed with such a huge number of sports events and actually search for something different to put their bets on. Sometimes, things can go pretty extreme, so we’ve decided to present you some of the weirdest things you can bet on at an online casino:

Celebrity Deaths

This is actually a quite popular thing among gamblers and the number of players who like to bet on celebrity deaths is much bigger than you would expect. Of course, there are different types in the offer, so you can either predict a death date or year of a certain celebrity person, or you can simply bet on who’ll be the next one. Sounds a little creepy, does it?

Still, keep in mind that betting on human deaths isn’t allowed everywhere. For example, it is banned in the U.S. and Canada. So, if you live in North America, you will have to search for an off-shore bookmaker.

Royal Family

The British royal family is one of the most popular families in the world, with a huge fanbase. So, it’s no wonder that many of these fans like to bet on specific events that have something to do with the royal family. What is weird in this case is the list of everything you can find to bet on.

Of course, you can bet on quite conventional things like “how long Queen Elizabeth will rule?” but you can also bet on pretty weird things like “will Megan and Kate will ever be friends?” or “will Prince Harry lose his title?”

Just do some research and you will find out that bookmakers have all kinds of “interesting” topics in their offer.

The Next Pope

Whenever the next Pope is about to be elected, there is a veil of mystery that covers it. You can read a lot of conspiracy theories in these periods. Also, we are talking about one of the biggest global events, so it’s no wonder that virtually every bookmaker has this bet in the offer.

The weird thing about it is that gamble and religion don’t actually go together, but that doesn’t stop many believers to bet on their favorite.

Intelligent Life in Space

Another topic full of mysteries and conspiracy theories. Some kind of intelligent life probably exists out in space, so you can actually bet that proof of intelligent life will appear one day. Of course, the tricky thing about it is the validity of that proof, so most bookmakers formulate this bet to the time when a sitting President of the United States will announce the proof of such an existence. So far, no government official has stated that there is an existence of intelligent life outside Earth.

The End of the World

Things about the end of time can be found in pretty much every religious book, while there are thousands of cults focused on such things. So, it’s no wonder that many bookmakers have such bets in the offer. Usually, a bookmaker sets odds that the world will end before a certain date. The odds are actually pretty attractive but the weird thing is that it’s unclear how you’re going to get your money when Judgement Day has come.

Kim Jong Un

He may be one of the cruelest dictators of our time, but the fact is that he is a global celebrity in some weird way. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are numerous bets related to the North Korean leader that many bookmakers have in the offer. All kinds of topics can be found, such as time of death, when he will cease to be in power, will he make a nuclear attack etc.

Weird Sports Games

Of course, you can always find a lot of weird sports games to bet on. Some of the first things that come to our minds are competitions in cheese rolling, wife-carrying, bog snorkeling etc.