Ballebaazi is the new fantasy game that is garnering popularity from all over the world. It is one of the best options for fantasy sports and gives you the best experience as far as online gaming is concerned. Ballebaazi and GetMega also have the BB Arcade feature that comes with Rummy, Poker, and online quizzes and rewards players generously on the course of the gameplay. If you wish to know all about this game and how to play it, keep on reading and all your queries will be cleared gradually in the course of this article.

Ballebaazi lets you be more than a spectator of your favorite sport.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Ballebaazi?


The first step is to download your Ballebaazi app and register using your mobile number. You will soon get an OTP for verification and once that is done, you are good to go.

Choose Teams

You can make up to nine fantasy teams and select your Captain (2x) and Vice-Captain (1.5x). You can choose from a hundred fantasy cricket credits.

Join Leagues and Contests

You will get a variety of fantasy leagues live on this platform with buy-ins as low as Rs. 10. You get the chance of winning lakhs at Ballebaazi.

Track the Player’s Performance

As the match progresses, you must keep a tab on each player’s fantasy points that get credited. The amount of fantasy points that you will get depends on the performance of your team. The better it performs, the more fantasy scores you will get your team’s scorecard.


Ballebaazi is one of the most lucrative online real money gaming sites. It lets you win every time you play. Even if your team does not win you still have the chance of earning BB points. These BB coins then can be used at the Reward Store of Ballebaazi and you can get exclusive BB merchandise, bikes, gadgets, and other things. By winning the match by scoring the highest fantasy points, you can win real cash.

Why Choose to Play Fantasy Cricket on Ballebaazi?

Ballebaazi is indeed a great platform to while away your time. It gives you a chance to be more than a spectator in cricket games. Instead of just watching matches on your television screens, take part in a bigger event and win money from it as well. As Cricket enthusiasts, we all would love to do that.

The platform brings you a fulfilling experience in the field of fantasy sports. You get to choose among several options such as betting fantasy, classic fantasy, and bowling fantasy formats.

Apart from winning big, the BB Rewards Section is also another attractive part of this platform. Whether you win or lose, you will always find something or the other to take home. In the course of the game, you get to win either real cash or BB points that later be redeemed at the platform’s very own BB reward store. This store gives you the chance of getting the most gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, and other merchandise.

How Do I Create a Fantasy Team?

With all the steps enumerated above, you must be wondering how a fantasy team is created. And we are here to clarify that too.

You must begin with doing research on the selected match, the players, and playing conditions. Once you have a clear outline of everything, go to the ‘create your team’ option on your screen right after selecting the fantasy credit card. Next, you must tap on the players you want in your team. You will need to choose 11 players from the options given to you and thus you have your team.

Once the team is formed, you must appoint a fantasy Captain and Vice-Captain. Having the right Captain and vice-captain can take your game a long way forward. Make sure that you choose the Captain very carefully. It is better to choose someone who has a good record and is in the form currently.

How to Win a Fantasy Cricket Game?

You must have patience and persistence if you wish to succeed at fantasy cricket games. Before you wager your hard-earned money in the game, make sure that you have done your research well and chosen only the best players as it can increase your chances of winning to a great extent.

The second thing that you must keep in mind is the placement of your captain and vice-captain. They carry most points which means if they perform well and your team still loses, you have a chance of winning better BB points which of course can be redeemed at any point later.

There is no strategy other than research and choosing well. Thus, it works very well for people who are genuinely interested in cricket or are serious about it.

Final Words

Ballebaazi is the right platform for all cricket lovers. And if you are thinking of playing online for real money, this is perhaps the best one to start with. It ensures that you do not lose your money all at once and it also comes with minimum risk. Also GetMega is another good option for real money gaming online.