Our planet earth has a total of one hundred and ninety-five countries, and almost each one of them has at least primary education. Regardless of which corner of the world you live in, education is quintessential. It is the foundation to boost your knowledge and helps us understand the world better. Further, education also familiarizes us with the endless possibilities happening all around in the world around us. Higher education and schooling have a substantial role in offering us humans theoretical, subjective, and practical information on the pivotal disciplines in our routine lives. Thus, it is quintessential that the education system is incredibly reliable and approachable. At the same time, it should have a qualitative structure, which aids in knowledge expansion, career growth and educates the individual.

Students and Foreign Education

Students from across the world are consistently looking for countries that have one of the most top-notch education systems. Most certainly, there is an array of countries with an excellent education system, which may be inviting for students from all over the world. Today, with the global barriers almost disappearing, the students persistently seek and approach foreign education systems for greater career opportunities. But, which are the countries with the best education system? Here, we will try to enlist the top three countries to consider if foreign education is on your plate.

New Zealand

Well, well, well, Kiwis certainly have a lot on their plate for students. This is why they have made it to the top spot when it comes to being the top destinations for students from around the world. Amidst the population of 4.9 million, over 53000 students are studying in the country.

Most of you may be aware of their adrenaline-inducing adventure sports, cultural abundance, natural splendor, and the majestic trail, which we all know courtesy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, all of these facts about New Zealand are only as true as it gets. In addition, there is another fact about New Zealand, which many of you may not be aware of. The country is renowned for its top-class education system.

New Zealand has a total of eight universities, and all of them are included in the top three percent of the world education universities. Thus, it goes without saying, but New Zealand truly deserves the number one spot for students wanting to study abroad, and number two for its wide career options, and six when it comes to education. So, students can expect a well-rounded experience in New Zealand, which will be a mix of study, pleasure, growth, and play. However, to study in New Zealand, you need to clear the IELTS exam. Then, you can seek the best IELTS online coaching to live your dream of global education in New Zealand.


The next best country for foreign education on our list is Spain. The country stands at the top spot in Europe and number two spot in the global ranking for education. It is not for nothing that in a population of 46.7 million, over 60,000 international students came here to make a reputed career for themselves in the country. With the phenomenal career opportunities available in Span, it is most definitely an irresistible pick for young students wanting to study abroad.

Another great reason for Spain being a number one destination for foreign travelers is its low living cost. So, given the unprecedented education system and the low cost of living, students from around the world are tempted to travel to the country to materialize their dream for global education.

Whatโ€™s more? Spain has over seventy universities. So, the choice is extensive. You can research, dig your options, find about the available courses, and then decide which university best suits your needs in this beautiful, historical, and sunny country. Just like New Zealand, even Spain has a lot for adventure enthusiasts. In fact, it is better than the Kiwi nation and the rest of the world in many ways. This is why it holds a top ranking in adventure and the third spot in culture.

From being fascinated by the spectacular art pieces by Gaudi and Picasso to sampling tapas beautifying the sidewalks in the country or cheering on Barcelona and Real Madrid in the home stadium in Spain, you are bound to have a fulfilling experience beyond receiving the quality education that you seek. But, unfortunately, education in Spain may not be the easiest. So, if you need assistance with any subject, there are platforms like FineGrades that offer students an unparalleled online teaching experience.


All of us know of Thailand as a cheap travel spot for Asians, but the fact of the matter is Thailand also makes for one of the top spots for education in the world. Even though its global ranking is third, it holds the number one spot in the Asian continent. The country has a total population of 68.8 million, and over 20000 international students live and study in the country, hoping for a fulfilling future.

In addition to offering the students with quality education, Thailand also ranks high on the adventure (eighth spot) and culture (eighth spot). So, naturally, students will have enough on their platter to explore in their free time.

Students who have studied here naturally would agree to the fact that Thailand is more than a typical beach and a holiday resort. With mesmerizing temples, picturesque palaces, and abundant floating markets, there is a lot for you to browse through. Further, with its scrumptious street food, low cost of living, fantastic weather, and the universities with top global rankings, Thailand is most definitely a top preferred spot for foreign education.

Whatโ€™s more? The country is home to some of the happiest and friendliest people. This is another reason why Thailand is fondly addressed as the โ€˜Land of Smiles.โ€™