Appearances mean everything. All products have impressive features that distinguish them from the crowd and entice customers. But it might not be enough.

Customers only spend around 13 seconds making a purchasing decision, and your offering may not be impactful enough to convince them to spend the money. What you need is a way to make an immediate impression, and that is only possible through persuasive packaging that gets people to take notice immediately.

Your packaging defines your brand, setting you apart from other products on the shelves or online stores. Moreover, it also helps build a connection with your target customers.

Research shows that 50% of customers switch to other brands when there is a modification in their trusted brand’s packaging. This is why crafting an eye-catching packaging design has become more critical than ever.

So, there is no doubt that your business needs an attractive, brand-oriented, and cohesive packaging strategy that becomes the distinguishing factor for your brand. Let’s explore a few reasons why good packaging makes business sense.

Role of Product Packaging In The Success Of Your Business

You can create a quality product, but it wouldn’t matter if the target customers never give it a second glance.

Here are several more reasons why the packaging needs to be powerful:

Protects the Product

The primary function of packaging is to protect the product through transit, storage, and shelving. Therefore, your packaging should be crafted with a robust, quality material that preserves the product and prevents exposure to foreign entities.

For example, you can package the product in a customised plastic pouch if you’re selling tea leaves. The sealed package would intercept the entry of dirt and other impurities and preserve the freshness of the tea.

Attracts Potential Buyers

Customers have hundreds of options for all kinds of products at all price points. But, branding and product packaging can influence their decision to select your brand. Research shows that 67% of customers choose to try out a brand based on its packaging. Therefore, your brand’s packaging must be functional and attractive simultaneously.

Educates Existing Customers

Product packaging also helps customers learn more about the product you sell. You can feature details about the product, such as the amount of nutrition, ingredients, and guides for use. This information sways customers in their decision to pick your brand over the other.

However, it is essential to feature accurate and honest information about your product. According to research, 74% of customers prefer to buy from brands that provide an open and transparent message on their packaged products. So, make sure your packaging is informative, detailed, and utterly accurate to your brand’s values and practices.

Distinguishes Your Brand

Your product packaging can become your brand’s identity. Your logo design, use of colours, content, and artistic appeal can captivate the customer’s attention and encourage them to invest in your products. A distinguished design can set you apart from competitors who sell the same or similar products.

Good packaging design can wow your prospective buyers. They like utility, but they love luxury at a good price point. If your product packaging can find this elusive combination, theyโ€™ll wholeheartedly recommend your products to others as well. A consumer study revealed that 40% of customers share photos of products with innovative packaging on social media platforms. Considering this, if your packaging idea is unique, you can indirectly encourage the customer to promote and advertise your brand.

Facilitates Communication

Product packaging can be used to provide information about the product. However, you can also leverage this platform to bridge the gap between your brand and the customers. For instance, you can use packaging as an opportunity to convey your brand values, mission, and vision.

You can also answer common customer queries about the product, such as:

  • How can customers use the product?
  • Who is the product designed for?
  • Who manufactured the product?
  • How can the customer benefit from the product?
  • When was the product manufactured, and when will it expire?
  • Why should the customer choose this product over others in the market?

While it is essential to answer these questions, you also need to stay mindful of the design. The focus should be on creating a unique and innovative design that delivers impact.

Promotes The Message of Sustainability

If your brand promotes sustainability, your packaging is the perfect way to share the views with the customers. You can invest in recyclable and sustainable packaging options to invite like-minded customers to choose your products over others in the market.

According to research, 64% of customers in the UK select products that offer recyclable packaging. Similarly, 50% of the customers are willing to pay an additional amount for sustainable packaging and delivery.

Therefore, you need to promote your sustainable values in your packaging and marketing strategy. For example, if you use stand-up pouches, your customers can reuse them to store other food items later.

Justifies Your Pricing

Premium packaging can also serve as justifications for your brand’s pricing. For example, suppose your products are preserved in high-quality and premium packaging. In that case, your customers will recognize you as a luxury brand and will be less hesitant to invest in your product.

Additionally, premium packaging also plays a role in purchase behavior. According to research, 52% of online customers stated that they would place an order with a brand again if the products were delivered using premium packaging.

Leads to Brand Promotion

Your packaging can also automate the process of promotions and marketing. This is especially relevant if your business targets a younger demographic. A survey result revealed that most 18-25-year-old consumers share packaging photos on their social media platforms if the design is visually aesthetic and appealing.

 If you create an innovative and eye-catching design, your customers will influence their peers, and your brand can tap into the younger market. In doing so, you can gain brand exposure and easily promote your products.

Wrapping Up

Your brand is defined by the quality of your products and the quality of your packaging. The latter can help you build brand awareness, distinguish between your products and others in the market, invite more customers, remove communication barriers, justify your pricing, and increase brand exposure. Therefore, it is best to create a packaging design that is appealing, unique, and expressive of your brand.