Getting started with a new smartphone is always an adventure. Maybe this is your first Android phone, or maybe you’ve already gone through a lot of phones. There are many things that need doing when you first start putting your new phone to use.
I’ve put together a guide of important first steps to take with your new Android. Follow these tips and you’ll be having a good care with your new device.

1.Take a Good look at the phone.  

You might have purchased your phone in the shop or you might have booked through online shopping, so make sure it traveled well and nothing is broken, but also make sure you remove all the plastic film and various protective doo-dads that are there to keeps things looking new until you get it. Look close at the camera lens to be sure there’s no protective cover. Those can make for some weird photos!

2. Test the originality of your phone.

3. Check the Condition of your Battery. 

Plug the phone for charging to test battery. If your phone is charging then, you are good to go for next step. This is a good time to check the supplied cables or power adapters, to make sure everything works.

4. Connect to The internet.   

When you switch on your phone, you will be asked to connect for the available Wifi network. I recommend you to connect for WiFi, if not available then it’s better to connect to the internet from your mobile data (fast internet is best).

5. Sign Into your Google account.     

As soon as you connect to a WiFi or Internet then First thing is you should do is sign in to your Google account with your mail address and update Google Playstore app because there will be a newer version available since you purchased your phone.

6. Customize your settings.   

Go to Settings and Customize as per as your convenient way of use. Set your profile for ringtones and notification tune in Audio profiles settings. Change wallpapers and brightness in Display settings. Change keyboard settings. Set “Automatic date and time” for Use network-provided time in Date and time settings. Choose date format according to your convenient.

7. Security settings.

Go to settings and then go to security, setup screen lock for your phone (Strongly recommended). Tap on Owner info and update your information.

8. Device manager. 

9. Get rid of Unwanted Apps.

When you buy a new phone, the majority of the apps are useless. You won’t even have any idea what they are what they do. Don’t worry, Just go to Settings > Apps (or Manage apps) > List of apps will be displayed tap on any app you don’t need then Uninstall (if uninstall option not available then there will be an option “Disable” or “Uninstall updates and then disable”).

10. At last Install Apps.   

Now you’ve prepared your phone, but not yet started to use.
In the upcoming articles, I’m going to tell you what all apps is important at first to install use.