I just got out of the shower and didn’t have to over analyze the process of cleaning my body. While using the facial wash, my mind didn’t process the fact that I was washing Los Angeles smog off every pore on my face. While washing the oil, from the chain of my bike, off my legs, I didn’t have to over think the process, I just did it! While brushing my teeth in the shower (shhhh, don’t tell) I didn’t run through the remnants of items that may still be forming residue and plaque on my teeth. I just brushed them off.  Can we easily and effortlessly wash off old hurts and wounds daily, like we do with physical grime and dirt in the shower? Yes. If our minds are able to release instead of cling, then a mental shower will literally and figuratively wash your brain into clear, crisp, and lucid thoughts!

How do you take a mental shower?

  1. a.meditate daily and make the thoughts come and go like clouds.
  2. b.create your own mantra and chant when life feels chaotic i.e. peace, love, or God.
  3. c.write the name of people you want to release on a piece of paper and flush it down the toilet.
  4. d.make a God box (you can decorate an old shoebox) and list your fears and stick them in it.
  5. e.write the name of a person you want heal and stick it in the left side of your bra close to your heart. For men, you have to get creative on this one (scotch tape).
  6. f.make a faith list of all the thing you know the universe is going to support you in.
  7. g.move, act, speak as if your mind is clear and clean from negative thought patterns.

When taking a mental shower, visualize cleansing, clearing, and cleaning your mind. Possibly take the image of you standing underneath a waterfall, and as the water rushes over your head it’s removing childhood wounds, heartbreak pain, despair, abuse, diagnoses, and anything else you are clinging on to. Let it go. Don’t over think the process. You are now free from the habit of clinging and grasping and defining who you are from past habitual thoughts.

If it is that easy to wash daily grime by turning a knob, it can truly be that easy to turn your thoughts from the dark into the light. Like turning your steering wheel from a good neighbourhood, as opposed to a bad neighbourhood. It’s really that easy. The magic is to NOT overthink. Shut down the mental chatter with a daily mental shower and you and your world will smell, feel, and look brighter and fresher from this day forward.

Get your soap on DAILY, and transform!