1. Royal County Down Golf Club – Northern Ireland, UK

Royal County Down Golf Club is located in Marlow National Park on the coast near the Morne Mountains. The state protects the territory of the park in order to preserve the landscape of the area: sandy hills and wastelands, where there is a lot of greenery, heather, and gorse. The club was founded in 1889 by businessmen from Belfast.

There are two golf courses, a dining room, and a bar on site. Club players wear a special uniform: if they don’t dress according to the rules, they may not be allowed on the field. The club has compiled a list of clothes that you cannot wear on the field:

  • Jeans and denim jackets.
  • Sleeveless and collar shirts.
  • Short shorts.
  • Clothes with prints.
  • Tracksuits.

Players are also advised to wear golf shoes and wear knee-length socks.

The Royal County Down has hosted the Walker Cup, Curtis Cup, and the Irish Amateur and Professional Open. Every year the club organizes golf championships and invites everyone to play.

The price per game round depends on the season and starts at ยฃ 35.

2.Augusta National Golf Club – Georgia, USA

The Augusta Golf Club is one of the most famous clubs in the world. Architect Alistair Mackenzie and golfer Bobby Jones jointly designed the courses. Wealthy people and celebrities like to relax in the club. Ronald Reagan, the former president of the United States, was often here.

The club opened in December 1932. On its territory, there are places for recreation, a dining room, a library, and a trophy room. The club holds tournaments annually. And within the framework of the Masters Week, a dinner of champions is necessarily held.

Spectators need to buy tickets in advance to watch the tournament. Prices are announced when booking, they depend on the season and the number of days selected. You can’t just come and play on the club’s fields: visitors play only at the invitation of the club members.

3. Quinta do Lago – Algarve, Portugal

Quinta do Lago is a resort with one of the most luxurious golf courses in Portugal. It is located in a nature reserve in the Algarve. Five-star hotels, restaurants, sports clubs have been built at the resort for holidaymakers. Not far from the club there is a coastline with a sandy beach.

Over the past decade, the golf club has been featured in local media ratings. In the club, you can meet show business stars, athletes and other famous people. Near the resort is the house of Madonna, who sometimes comes to Quinta do Lago to play golf with friends.

In 2011, the club opened the Paul McGinley Golf Academy, a four-time European champion.

All hotel guests can play golf if they book in advance. Quinta do Lago is known for its challenging obstacles and hole layouts, so it is suitable for experienced athletes.

4. TPC Louisiana – Louisiana, USA

TPC Louisiana was founded in the early 1980s in Florida. Two years later, the first championship “The Players” took place, which is still held only in this club.

Golfer Dean Behman and renowned architect Pete Dye designed the club’s courses to be captivating, with intricate hole layouts and quirky terrain. Pines, oaks, and palms grow around the fields. Also on the track, there are transparent lakes, the cleanliness of which is carefully monitored. It is considered one of the best in the state. You can also check out a large number of golf courses in Louisiana. It is considered one of the best in the state.

The building of the club was built in the Mediterranean style. It can be used by professional athletes and golf enthusiasts. Guests are offered excursions, rest in the gallery, restaurants, and shopping. Game prices start at $ 150.

5. Old Course – Scotland, UK

The Old Course is the world’s oldest golf course, played back in the 12th century. Despite its status and fame, the field remains open to everyone. To play, you just need to book a seat in advance or register at the entrance. Better to check the available seats on the official website.

The club is located on the St. Andrews campus. Next to it is a hotel, a restaurant and a shop for guests.

The landscape of the fields was formed by nature and was practically unchanged. Therefore, the layout of the holes is unusual – when designing, the natural features of the area were taken into account.