Quitting smoking is not as easy as many think, especially if you’ve been a smoker for a lot of years. No matter how hard you want to eliminate this habit, that’s something that rarely occurs overnight.

Fortunately, some healthier options can help you out on this journey and it’s called vaping. Over the past couple of years, this method has become extremely popular, but still, some people are not yet familiar with it.

You can find some information about it, however, all those facts often seem too vague and can confuse you even more. That’s why we decided to conduct thorough research and provide you with some useful information that just might make things clearer.

Why Is Vape Juice Good?

Better Than Smoking

Well, we all know how harmful smoking can be. Even people who smoke, are aware of the negative impact it has, hence, vaping is a much safer alternative. According to some scientific studies, it is more than ninety percent safer than cigarettes.

Of course, by no means it’s healthy, however, if you’re looking for a better alternative, then opt for this one for sure. You’re not going to affect your whole body, but your lungs as well! Why is it relatively harmless?

Well, it’s because there isn’t any combustion, therefore, it’s easy to conclude that it isn’t going to damage your lungs, skin, or teeth and in fact, it can also affect the smell of your breath positively.

Various Flavors

People who like to experiment by trying out different, interesting flavors will adore vaping juice. Namely, today, on various websites you can bump into a variety of amazing flavors to reward your taste buds.

All of them drastically enhance the overall vaping experience. Professionals from RMEVape.com claim that all these flavors leave a pleasant taste in the mouth. There are so many options to choose from, starting with sweet, fruity, and other delicious examples.


As soon as you replace tobacco with vaping products, you will quickly see the obvious difference between the amount of money you’ll be spending every single day. Generally speaking, cigarettes are very pricey.

That’s especially the case if you’re a chain smoker. On the other hand, vaping is much more affordable, so here you go, another great reason to opt for this option in case you are having second thoughts.

Pleasant Smell

As a smoker, you have probably had unpleasant situations regarding a bad smell. That’s not because you do not pay attention to your hygiene but because individuals who do not smoke detest its smell.

No matter how clean you are, it always somehow finds a way to enter every pore of your skin. And it’s completely understandable why non-smoker love to be surrounded by those who hate this habit too.

Who can blame them? Fortunately, that’s not the case with vaping. No matter how much you consume it, you are never going to have an awkward smell.

Fewer Toxins

It is widely known that cigarettes are filled with numerous toxins, and it’s not like vaping juice doesn’t contain them, but the amount is drastically smaller. Namely, many studies have proven that cigarette smoke has almost 7,000 different chemicals.

On the other hand, there are a couple of them in each vaping flavor, however, if you pick a healthier alternative when it comes to these flavors, you will inhale much less harmful chemicals.

Discolored Fingers

A lot of smokers, especially the heavy ones have yellow, dirty fingers. That isn’t the loveliest sight. Now, cigarettes do not only ruin your fingers but also your teeth, mouth, and nose. So, if you replace tobacco with vape juice, you will finally be free from the dirt and stains, and your fingers (along with other parts of your body) will remain clean.


A lot of smokers love this flavor, so once they decide to quit, one of the hardest things to give up on is precisely this. They got used to this flavor and are often not sure how to compensate. Luckily, if you come across Menthol E-Liquid, purchase it, and utilize it for vaping. With it, you will get the same feel of this flavor, however, without consuming dangerous chemicals.

Although this is far from a healthy option, it is a better choice compared to cigarettes or any other harmful habit. If you are determined to say goodbye to cigarettes, but you still need something to smoke until you longer feel any addiction, vape juice could be a great alternative.